Friday, December 7, 2012

Talaash for the Life of Pi

It is nothing short of a historical moment when you have watched not one but two movies at the cineplex with two toddlers who would never stay put. Last week hubby and I attempted the impossible, and we would like proudly to announce that we did it, successfully, with movies Talaash and Life of Pi.

Talaash means 'search' in Hindi, hence the title for the post. Talaash is the latest Aamir Khan movie, with an awesome line up of story, dialogue, additional dialogue and screenplay writers, and boosts of even awesome team of producers, including Aamir Khan himself! With such powerhouse technical team, there is no way to even hit average expectation, total awesomeness expected all the way!

Talaash is supernatural thriller about Inspector Surjan Singh who investigates a mysterious accident whilst dealing with a tragedy in his personal life. The character actors play very important parts and watch out for Kareena Kapoor for another great acting. Aamir Khan as usual does not disappoint, totally fitted his role. No Bollywood masala action or any wasted moment. Every second contributes to the story. Many film makers ought to learn from this movie and please please start making quality films as this. This was definitely my Talaash for quality cinema after all the masala themed out these days.

After this 'Talaash', we went on another talaash for the Life of Pi. As it is said, you don't watch the Life of Pi, you live the life of Pi. Only after watching the movie I realise how true that is. Apart from the fact that the movie is based on an Indian boy, another reason for us to watch it was for Ang Lee's portfolio of movies, and visually stunning trailers.

The Life of Pi will definitely strike a chord with everybody, especially in the world of science where we are trying to balance religious beliefs with modern lifestyle, and struggle to make living despite all conveniences around us. It is a pure visual treat that makes us feel the moment with Pi. A very meaningful story, carefully spiced with some humour that works well with its genre. And most of all, Richard Parker has amazingly expressive eyes, somehow we feel less fear and more of a determination watching him. And right now as I recollect the moments I have this need to watch it just again, feel it again. Its very absorbing that way.

The verdict? Two great movies in a week is freaking awesome. What a way to end the year, I don't expect better movies coming up till end of the year. And on the kids' front, we made it, with some minor hiccups such as Jeev crying and Sanju taking numerous toilet breaks. Other than that everything was good. And I am pretty sure we got cursed by several people due to our antiques. What can I say,we are just living, the Life of Pi!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Temporarily Out Of Job

As a mother, our job runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, and you do the rest of the math. It is quite an oxymoron to claim to be out of job from my position, as it is I am a Stay At Home Mother.

The 16 month old Jeev has turned out to be quite eager in self feeding, although I tried to avoid it till later. It is no mystery that self feeding learners leave a lot of mess, and I did not intend to take up the task this soon. These days, he does not want to sit quiet for meals without reaching out for the food. And big brother Sanju, who can self feed but preferred to be spoon fed  also started to demand for a fair share of the spoon. 

From the last meal they had together, it seemed that I had lost my job, temporarily that is. None wanted to be fed, and only eat on their own. Just when I started celebrating, meal time was over and I had this left:

I had spoken too soon and did not realise that I was promoted to specialist cleaner instead. Just when my fuse is about to blow looking at the mess, the brothers do cutesy lovey gestures like saying 'cheers' with their spoons or food put together. And they interact so much these days, which sometimes ends up with someone getting hurt or having their toy snatched. All in day's work for me.

Off I go planning my next round of cleaning and planning the next meal. Also taking note that I need to make finger feeding friendly meals now on. Ah, the joys of motherhood!


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