Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BambooLite CM-TrueFit Photo Contest - Sanju in Bamboolite action

My favourite CD, Bamboolite is having a photo contest, and Sanju (or at least me) is quick in action to participate!

Prizes include:
GRAND PRIZE – 1 piece CM-TrueFit Premium (worth Rm80)
1st PRIZE – 1 piece CM-TrueFit PUL Extra (worth RM66)
2nd PRIZE – 1 piece CM-TrueFit PUL Lite (worth RM54)
3rd PRIZE – 1 piece Printed Fleece Cover – new product!! (worth RM35)

And there are chances of more prizes to be added with more participants!

To find out more about Bamboolite, you can click here and hey, they also have their own Facebook page, become a fan today. And do remember to click 'Like' at Sanju's seductive photo!

Here is Sanju's entry photo, are you seduced yet?

Name : Shanjay Kanth
Age : 8 months
Type of Diaper : Bamboolite (old version, yellow and still shining)
What I like about Bamboolite : The bamboo inner, soft and gentle on Sanju's precious soft bum!

Please leave a comment to increase my chances of winning. Also do visit Bamboolite's FB page and click 'Like' on Sanju's entry.

Thanks for your votes & support.. Have a bamboolicious day!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sanju, then and now

His head was just slightly bigger than our fist
He is all grown up into a 8 month old... not a baby, not yet a toddler

Milk feeds was enough to keep us on our feet all day
Solid feeding takes 2 persons, one to carry him and another to distract him while putting the food in his mouth

A short trip to the restaurant, and we could put him in his stroller while he looks at us eating, dozing off with boredom
A short trip to the restaurant, we'll gladly ask for high chair, keep him there for 5 minutes, moves his hands about, and starts crying once bored. Hubby will carry him, try to soothe him down, and attempt to put him back onto the high chair once the food arrives, only to get protest crying again.. end up both of us will take turns to eat dinner...

Weekly planning required to ensure enough milk supply at home and babysitter's
Weekly planning for solid feedings... to buy & prepare purees of vegetables and fruits

Read lotsa pregnancy books & websites to prepare myself for the baby
Read lotsa baby books & websites to keep up with baby developments and needs

Just lie him on the bed or cot and let him play by himself
He starts crying if he sees no one in sight

You could carry this little angel and play with him peacefully
You can't carry this little angel without him attempting to pull your hair, earrings & blouse, and did I mention, he attempts to jump onto another favourite person in sight

I was careful when co-sleeping with him, not to accidentally put my hands or legs on him
I am still careful, but from him. He kicks, punches and turns about in his sleep. One moment he is there, another moment he is here. I need to keep my limbs uninjured.

His cry would send both of us berserk, trying to fulfill his needs
Well, it is the same, whether it is 2pm or 2am, we are at his service all the time, some things never change!

Then.. and Now...

I was on ebay on regular basis shopping online for imported perfumes & make up
I am a regular at baby stores hunting for baby stuff

I used to detest my mom packing sandwich for recess time
I pack sandwich/lunch for myself and hubby, healthier mah!

8pm is when the night began...
8pm is when baby goes to bed, and hubby and I get our time together

Washing hair would be a once in 2 days regime, together with hair mask for extra moisturising & frizz control
Sometimes I forget to wash my hair on schedule, NO joke!

I would try on a few clothes before deciding what to wear
I try on a few clothes before assuring which can fit me

Watching movie at the cineplex on weekly basis was a norm
I am lucky if I get to catch the glimpse of movie on DVD

A shopaholic & and love to make huge purchases at MNG & British India on impulse
Still a shopaholic & making purchases on impulse, but the stores have changed

I would take time doing my hair and make up before leaving for work everyday
Make up application is slotted between traffic light changes & what hair, I stopped bothering about it a while back

Dinner at home would be romantic affair, with candles and dim light
We rush to stuff all our dinner into our mouth and attend to the BOSS (Sanju)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Go & Goal! - Joli printed pocket CD

Sanju's father is gonna train him to become a soccer star for WC2030, and when I saw the new Joli printed CDs in a soccer themed print, the CD-holic inside me couldn't wait and clicked the Buy button!

Here's a quick review on the new Joli printed CD. My favourite new features of Joli printed CDs are:
  • 4 easy-to-adjust size settings, it has a larger cutting compared to the older Joli CD
  • has ultra absorbent and silky soft organic bamboo inner touching your baby bums
  • comes in fun styles and cute prints to make your diapering journey fun and therapeutic
  • trim fitting with an overall softer feel of bamboo inner & inserts
  • compatible printed wetbag of same print
  • the organic bamboo inner is faster to dry under the sun, as compared to the older Joli version
And here's a pic of Joli CD in action, please note that baby is not yet a professional soccer player.

Night Time Diapering Solution on a Budget

For the last 5 months, my night time diapering solution was Bamboolite (old version) which all the while proved to be sufficient for my medium wetter's needs. As Sanju is growing, his wetting degree changed from light/medium wetter to medium/heavy wetter, the totally soaked up bamboolite diapers are testimony for this.

I started looking out for new night diapering solutions, one option was getting fitted diapers for the multiple layers of thirsty pee soakers.

The advantage of using fitted diapers are:
  • Fits snugly on baby
  • Able to wash at high temperature
  • Can be used day time (without cover) and night time (with cover), the optional soaker gives trim or bulky diaper
  • Soaker layers can go up to a whopping 20 layers!

On the other side, I decided against a fitter diaper, mainly due to reasons:
  • Takes longer to dry
  • A PUL cover or wool longie is needed, as the diapers are not waterproof. Mind you, woolies cost quite a lot, as much as the diapers itself
  • Possible smell problems since there are many layers
  • Diaper cost on the higher side due to the layers

After much consideration and research, I found one very useful tip. As my bamboolite inserts are wearing off with frequent use, why not I just purchase the new Bamboolite's foldover inserts, that will fit perfect into my old BL shells.

This is what a foldover insert (reminds me of Chicken Foldover from McD's whenever I say this, I hope McD's will one day bring it back) looks like. When folded into 2, it provides a total 6 layers of absorbant bamboo layers.

And since my Bamboolite is still in it's medium size settings, I get to fold it one more layer, as below, giving me a total of 9 bamboo layers at the top wetting zone (works on boys).

So I purchased 2 pieces of this foldover inserts for my existing 2 Bamboolite shells, with 9 layers of absorbant bamboo layers for night use. All this at below RM50! Now that fits my budget and night needs like a charm!

Another advantage for this system is that the foldover inserts come with a bamboo velour outer layer, which means it can be used as A12 (All in two) system with the shells, say if I get more foldover inserts in the future, I can change the soiled inserts without having to change the whole shell!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

And I WON!!

Remember the Bamboolite Giveaway I posted here a while back? While being away from internet and blogging the past one week due to holidays and all, I managed to check Cloth Diaper Malaysia's latest post by accident, which was incidentally about to announce the winners of the giveaway.

I was secretly hoping to win at the back of my head (who wouldn't?) when I opened the page, but kicked myself imagining seeing my name, but hey imagine the surprise of surprises when I actually see that I WON!!

(Holding the microphone on one hand, and the Oscar on the other) I'd like to thank the Bamboolite folks and Cloth Diaper Malaysia, my hubby, family and friends, and the crew...

Jokes apart... my gratitude credited are genuine... It is a nice surprise after recovering from a very bad viral fever, even for Sanju, now his bum is awaiting a new Bamboolite TrueFit PUL Extra to be prepped for use! Here's a sneak peek of the prize diaper before prep:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Permanent Hair Colour

Permanent hair colour apparently means it is not meant for colouring grey hair. No wonder those cute and attractive colouring kits don't work for me in the recent years.

So instead of meaning 'we colour your hair permanently', it means 'we colour only permanent hair colour'? Mind you, my grey hairs are very much permanent in colour and existence.

Hair colouring is rather an important topic (or action) for us women. In my younger days, hair colouring was a self pampering plan to look forward to while getting other hair treatments.

Choice of colour was often influenced by the current trends featured in my favourite fashion magazine, secretly hoping it can make me look like the model wearing colour! There are numerous brands out there to choose from, with a dark Asian mane, its hard to go wrong.

Now as life progresses and body starting changing it's pace with the growing numbers of candles on my birthday cake, hair colouring has become a chore.

Far from being trendy, I now focus on hiding certain contrasting strands on my head. For uniform and natural results, it is better to stick with natural colours, this, I learnt the hard way.

And hey, isn't our grey hair the sign of wisdom through the years of our life!
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The perks of being a FTWM

Selamat Hari Raya & Eid Mubarak to all!

Since I am feeling rather happy today, thanks for the upcoming holiday seasons, I thought, why not look at the brighter side of life... why not look at the brighter side of being a full time working mother (FTWM).. Here are some points I instantaneously came up with (which is a good thing, no?):

1) Put my (donkey) years of school & university education into use at work
2) Build up my career, or at least, maintain it.. too lazy to climb the ladder
3) Keep my mind active and on the go while dealing with various issues at work
4) Have a retirement fund - good financial back up for when I am this grumpy old lady
5) Enjoy employment benefits - Medical coverage, family & personal insurance, covering my other half & Little One, so I can indulge on other worldly material luxuries, eg cloth diapers *evil laugh*
6) (Struggle to) Learn & be an excellent multitasker & master planner at work and home
7) Get hubby to help out with the chores at home, otherwise he's the second baby in the house
8) Try to take over the world (quote courtesy of Pinky & The Brain cartoon) - Ok that I am kidding, but if i get to accomplish my FTWM-ness, then I am on top of the world

Often I only look at the downside and stressful side of being a FTWM... Gets me so tensed and moody on certain days, it takes some knocking of sense into my head by hubby to perk me up. Not having time for myself, always rushing to complete house works on weekdays nights and the whole of weekends, and no time for exercise... then again with the amount of running around I do on the house chores, I think it pretty much makes up for the lack of exercise sessions.

But hell, life's not a bed of roses... then again it is a bed of roses, and the roses come together with thorns, no? Live for today or you will lose the moment worrying about it... so philosophical eh

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bite the shoe before it bites you

I'm your regular shopaholic shoeholic who (used to) buys shoes at the drop of a hat. Amazingly I've not bought new shoes in the past one year, since the pregnancy... Ok I'm not so holy, I got one pair of flats and one fake crocs Mary Jane in between, but it is negligible compared to my normal mode.

I'm in for most trendy and pretty looking shoes and sandals, and I don't care if it bites. I believe that a new pair needs to be worn a few times for it to adapt to your feet. You just need to tolerate some nasty bites that will heal with time. As they say, no pain no gain.
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