Monday, October 26, 2015

Cornflake Cookies Recipe

I totally love this recipe. It worked so well for my cookies, it is crunchy on the outside with cake-like texture and done-ness on the inside. How can you not love it?

It takes:1 3/4 cups all purpose flour
1/4 cup corn flour
3/4 tsp baking powder
2 1/2 cups cornflakes
150g butter
3/4c fine granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 egg

1) Mix the APF with baking powder and cornflour. Stir them in well.
2) Crush the cornflakes till fine.
3) Beat the butter and sugar till pale. Add in the egg and beat some more. Also add in the vanilla flavouring.
4) Start to add the dry mixture gradually. At this point I get my hands in to mix it better.
5) Finally add the cornflakes and mix well.
6) Using spoon or your hands, scoop small balls into the cup. Sprinkle the deco bits.
7) Bake in preheated oven at 170 C for 15 minutes or less.

By the 2nd tray, I know not to let the cookies brown too much. Always let the cookies cool on the tray before tranfering to another dish for further cooling. At this point you can arrange them into jars or into your mouth!

This is the Season!

We've been on Diwali mode for a few weeks now. Yes, you might think so early, but speaking from my experience from the previous years, the months of September and October turn out to be extremely busy for us, not just for Diwali. Last year I was unable to do any kind of cookies.

This year I have set my mind on starting early, giving way for the coming events and not missing out on cookie baking sessions. Sure for us adults Diwali is not as exciting as it used to be, but when it comes to the kids, every single detail is exciting. Like why I have bought fancy Spidey tshirts for them, but keeping them to be worn for Diwali, or why I have not allowed them to wear the new Angry Birds' Transformers (yes, there is such thing) tshirts that Nani got them. 

New set of clothes, more to be bought, murukus everywhere, decorations in some parts of ethnic concentrated places, lots of cookies and so much of hype on whats cooking for Diwali! Yes, even as an adult, we have to keep the mood going, because it is now time for us to recreate the spirit for our kids, what we had last time, it is for the kids now.

With more than 2 weeks more to go, I have already prepared 5 types of cookies. Kids enjoying helping me as much as eating them. And sometimes they even start eating while helping me.  And as for the tub of murukus I bought, it is already halfway gone. Amazingly this time hubby helped too, making some really oversized cookies, which I secretly believe was a tactic to get more of it at every bite. 

Lets see what we have for now, here are some cornflake cookies. I fondly remember mom making these every year and me greedily popping one in my mouth every time I pass the jar. Boy oh boy, did I take Diwali cookies so lightly then. Sure I did help when I could, but making from scratch is a different ballgame altogether.

Kids eagerly helped to sprinkle the colourful bits in a hurried-excited way, while eating the dough. 

These are the uniform sized chocolate chip cookies right before someone started making giant pieces of them. Tasty bites!

And then inspired from the cornflake cookies, I made these cornflake cookies with white chocolate chips.

For my obsession with all things red velvet, I made these red velvet cookies, which I felt lacked something in the recipe. Note to self for next year!

And, oh, for the freedom from all things gluten, I present to you gluten-free coffee oats peanut butter cookies. The name is so tongue twisting even the hubby runs away from it, because it is too healthy!

For every cookie baking session I also quickly pop-in some dinner to bake. This is the ultimate kid friendly pizza that feeds them brinjals and mushroom without even realising it. With a dash of sesame seeds. Works on hubby too!

I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes, so stay tuned!


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