Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hello World!

Hello World! This is exactly what I typed when attending my first C++ programming class, like 12 years ago. Gosh, I feel old, but that's another matter.

I have been totally MIA from the internet world for the last 3 weeks in the midst of moving to our new home, and the ordeal with a certain semi-private telco provider that has left me furious and dissatisfied in every aspect. We finally decided to opt for the 4G provider and here I am, back in action, back with my words, and my favourite column, opss... I mean blog... for a while I really felt like Carrie Bradshaw typing away for my famous column.

The biggest news is I survived 3 weeks without internet. When we think we are too dependent on technology, we can actually make it without it, just give it a try and you will find it as normal as normal can be.

Had an awesomely hectic day having house warming prayers, and moving in on the same day, thanks to the project manager, my organizing half.

With a 2 year old toddler and a 7 month old baby its a huge task to pack, move and unpack. Thankfully my mom and sister came over a week before the moving date so I had plenty of time to pack, and run chores here and there. And later on moving/prayers day, we had our relatives helping to move. Someone commented if I was a supermom moving into a new house with 2 kids on my own. I know I have previously been pretty modest in claiming to be pretty superhuman myself, but in this case I am just lucky to have such set of relatives with generous helping hands. It all went so well that it passed without us realizing it.

As for the kids, for days we were worried how my clingy baby, and daddy-obssessed toddler were going to behave on the moving day, but amazingly all went on fine. On the night before moving, Sanju was having loose stools and did poo for 4-5 times, hence he was tired and slept throughout the moving period. He even slept through the drilling the air con installation was causing and guess what, he recovered after his nice sleep. And my Jeev was such an angel and played with everyone while I was busy moving... so much that now we call him 'angel' at home! Oh yea, now he is back to his clingy and naughty nature, in case mummy missed the original rascal!


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