Monday, February 27, 2017

Easy Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

We all love pizza, I mean, really, who doesn't?

More often than not, my quickest way of whipping up pizza is using ready made crusts or just the tortilla breads. As long as I have some cheese on standby, I can load some toppings and we are done. It is one of the fastest and yummiest meals ever, at least in our home.

This changed when recently I took it to task to make my own dough. Sure it takes a little extra effort and time. Ok ok I confess I knead the dough in my breadmaker. Regardless, there needs to be some planning to be done to ensure you have ample of time for kneading and proofing, even if it is in the breadmaker.

The previous recipe for dough I used many years ago did not quite strike a chord with me. But this time, the recipe that I found online, totally rocked it, and so this time I am really proud to show and share it. And here goes:

You Need:
2 cups of bread flour
1/2 cup of all purpose flour
7g yeast
1cup warm water
1/2 cup of olive oil
some salt, sugar

As usual I activate my yeast in some warm water and sugar, let it rest and foam in 10 minutes. Then I added the wet mixture into the bread flour, all purpose flour, salt and sugar. At this point I let the breadmaker knead till its done. Allow it to proof for 1 hour before adding your favourite toppings and bake at 180C for 10-15 minutes.

I made 2 types, one is with pasta sauce, vegetables and sausage, and another one is rather foccacia like, with olive oil, cherry tomatoes, bacon, and olives.

I've got the yummiest of the pictures, based on my standard of photography though.

Pardon this incomplete pizza, hands appeared out of nowhere and started grabbing on them like pizza monsters. That goes to show, the recipe passed and is making comebacks more often! And lucky for me I have now got it saved on my blog, so I don't have to scatter about finding it again!

Pizza Cookies Turned Super-Sized Cookies Recipe

This is long overdue post. Months ago, before Diwali, I was gung-ho into trying some cookies recipes to prepare myself for the Diwali bakes. As we like to super-size everything, I was totally in love with this Pizza Cookies I saw on Sally's Baking Addiction website. It was worth a try, and I am glad I did try it.

I made super-sized ones, instead of the pizza cookies, because the real large ones seemed more messy. Yes size matters when you have young kids biting and chomping into cookies like little cookie monsters.

The cookies turned out crispy on the sides, and slightly cakey in the middle, and it was just perfect. We had them with our afternoon tea. There were several extras which I kept for the next day, to be eaten warmed up, with a scoop of ice cream, and some Hershey's chocolate sauce on the top. 

We ate it all up so fast I did not take a picture. But I swear, it was definitely like this cookies and ice cream we had at Chilli's. How does it get any better than that.

The recipe is in the link above in case you want to try, and in love you will be if you do!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

We have moved!

The last 4 months brought a huge, no, HUGE wave of change into our lives. Sometime in September something BIG was cooking. We waited and waited, and upon many many days of hoping and planning, it happened. Mr Hubby revealed the answer, which involved a big shift, literally, in locations, plans and possibly everything.

For the two months that we started planning, it was tough and I felt very torn. We lived in Klang for almost 8 years and it was not easy wondering how are we going to leave our comfort place, and comfort people behind. The whole process, was exciting, the same time very disheartening knowing we are living our home behind. All the more I was determined to settle in and make our new home at the new place once again, with the hope that this change will be seamless for all of us, especially the comfort of our own home.

And move we did. For a new beginning, new era, new life and new present future. And possibly for a better future future. 

In case you are wondering further, ok so Mr Hubby got this once in a lifetime offer in Penang, which involved us coming out of our comfort zone, moving to Penang Mainland. Sure, it sounded very hard in the beginning, in fact it sounded impossible! However with each other's support, we took it to task, planned and executed it to the tee! 

And yes, this is a blatant promotion for the Happy Movers who helped us make this process so smooth and well, just pleasant! Their services is highly recommended from our personal experience. They packed our kitchen items, furniture and all the electrical items very carefully, so to avoid any kind of scratches or mishaps.

Here we managed to capture a little moment of some of our plants. All of these plants are something I have acquired from my friends that I made over the years in Klang, and also some from my mother. The very fact of keeping and growing them holds special memories, and it was pleasant to be able to bring some of them over with us. However some we left behind in a very good home in Klang Vallet, hope they continue to flourish and be green ever after.

During the whole of December we were practically travelling between states for the move, the same time trying to catch a short getaway as it was school holidays for the kids. We had the opportunity to stay in G Hotel during this time, and managed to catch scenic view of Butterworth and Georgetown complimenting each other from each side. How pretty is that?

And with this change, there were a few more changes waiting to come in effect. Sanju was finishing his kindy and joined Primary One this year, like, can you believe it? It's like just yesterday he was born! All those sleepless nights trying to catch with the first time as parents, just precious thinking how he has grown up to be fine young primary school goer!

And the same time, I put on my Stay At Home Mother hat once again, now that we are in a new city (rather a small town), and with Sanju in Primary One, he needs me more than ever. Right now my days are all about school runs and cooking and baking, oh yeay!!

Soon enough it was the anniversary of his born-day, yes, Sanju turned 7 years old!

This is a sight not to be missed at our new place. Chinese New Year is held in such grand way, performances till late night, and awesome bak kwa everywhere, and oh, did I mention, my town (small town, rather) is heaven for Chinese delicacy! And we are still not done tasting every shop yet!

Here I am signing off for this time, hopefully it won't be too long before I start posting more, as I am back to experimenting with more cooks and bakes! Till then, toodles!


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