Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Men Really Want

Yeah, so the men always ask, 'What women really want?' Hollywood even has a whole movie dedicated to it, if you remember, 90s kids.

I would have guessed beer and burgers, but recently hubby's Instagram photo shed some light into the mystery.

Recently we took a dining experience to the path not taken, dining at a bar cum restaurant at SetiaWalk Puchong. The place is lovely I must say.

Hubby had a whole beer tower to himself, ok I confess I could have taken a sip or two, a large plate of meat, and kids entertained with nice music to dance and sing along with. We had a nice corner table, away from the noise and smoke (its a bar anyway), just a few steps away from the nice stream of water and fountain.

The picture says everything.

Taken from Jayjeev Instagram.

A young (??) dad's dream, added with my own comments:

1) Tower of beer - more like a tap flowing of booze
2) Plate full of non-veg food
3) Kids enjoying around under wife's observation - in-house babysitter, eh?
4) In a affordable class bar

As a loving wife and doting mother, here is a few additions.

When you have kids as adorable (and monstrous) as these, you hardly need much in life.

And a wife who cooks and bakes delicacies forever and ever.

And dont forget the beer.

And hey I am back to blogging after so long, I really miss it. I have not been away, neither busier than my already busy routine, but I just kind of put it away every time like tomorrow, tomorrow, and then the tomorrow did not come. So anyways, expect more yummy cooking posts coming up!


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