Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mom's Time Out @ Kidzania

Remember the show, Mom's Time Out? Oh yeah, I got one for myself too, well if you could really call it a time out!

We got complimentary tickets to the Kidzania from the organizers, thanks to my post here. Although I knew kids were rather young to enjoy most of Kidzania, heck there was no way we were gonna miss this fun!

Boys looking excited at the check-in counter.

Upon our arrival, the kids got to cash their cheques at the bank.

The most sought-after occupation at Kidzania, has got to be the fire-fighters!

Amazingly the kids were calm listening to instructions at their station.

They had a short stint of firefighting after the briefing. Little do they know their mommy does firefighting at work too, in a digital kind, in the virtual world.

And oh, during our arrival we met the mascot. The little one was rather afraid of the huge figure!

Sanju attempted to queue for the pilot occupation, but it just took so long he gave up.

He did get to try his hand on being a dentist though.

This is how its done!

Then was a little training at water packaging, which by the way was so staged but hey the kids bought it!

The the little artist in him showed for a brief 5 minutes.

When we got tired, we had a break in the toddler area.

We arrived super early, so even though we did not take part in the police station, we got valuable shots for the album!

Jeev kept saying he is a Jedi, with that laser-gun-like-torch.

Kidzania was fun for the kids, more so for older kids. There were many more things we did and saw which I did not get a snap of. Also many things for the older kids to try/play. For a 4yo and 3 yo, there are limited amount of games/occupations they can try. I was very amused with the spa center for manicure/pedicure, which sadly was just for little girls, how unfair!

Mom's time out was apparent when I saw the Parents' Lounge, which a signboard saying 'Kids not allowed'. Take that, you kids! We shall go there with older boys where we just lounge doing nothing, absolutely nothing.

Happy endings with kids rummaging the souvenir stores. Sanju seen here donning his new eyewear from Kidzania. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Kids @ Legoland

Going to the theme park is any kid's dream come true. What more if it is Lego-themed park?!

Before entering, whilst still being fresh, the boys were made (forced) to pose by their avid photographer called NanaG.

Sanju trying to make sense of the Star Wars exhibition, he only started watching the Star Wars movie after this trip. But man, were they amazed with the huge Darth Vader figurine outside, we had to buy the little ones for souvenir. We even have a picture with that tall figurine, just I can't find it.

And since the Star Wars showcase hall was dark for effects, Jeev was kinda scared and stuck to me like a baby monkey on his monkey mama.

In case you are wondering who is NanaG, here is the stylish man himself, with the kids. He loves to pose, the kids love to run away.

Notice the missing kid, he doesn't fancy posing much. Especially at Legoland.

Then some Lego building.

I did not take much pictures but my dad compensated by taking up all the memory in both our phones. The phones hung several times but thanks to the waiting time, we were able to reboot and get back to snapping pics!

And when dad is in charge, expect a lot of collage. No one escapes, no one at all.

These pictures even have a music video with 'Chennai Express' song in the background, which I will reserve for our private viewing.

And here is our very own cowboy, Quick Gun Murugan!

These are not Legoland related but I just have to share these here. Here is Jeev riding the world's smallest kiddy tricycle. After we opened up and distributed the Diwali hamper goodies.

And the handsome pair all dressed for their uncle's wedding. Ignore Jeev's surprised look, thats how they posed most of the times.

Jeev posing off his face at the local play area.

And here is Jeev flaunting his lollipop (that he never eats) at a local BKT restaurant. This was my day off from the kids, and when papa rules, you can do anything, you don't have to wear tshirt, or even your pants. 

Sanju after a happy belly wondering about the next mischief to pull.

In short, Legoland was really good, especially for 4yo Sanju, who was eager to try almost anything, but sadly he did not qualify for all the ride. As for Jeev, his age was a disadvantage. At one ride his height qualified but later his age gave it away and he was barred from most rides. Poor fella was left crying at times, and he was not alone, I saw several other frustrated mothers trying to pacify their 3 year olds, makes you wonder why do we even have buy tickets for them?

It took 3 days to write this post, but couldn't come up with a good ending punch line, so here goes, no punch line ending.. BYE!


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