Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Picture Story Part 2

Follow through the pictures to get the story.

You-jump, I-jump

No, this is NOT Titanic, and no, Jack and Rose were not the only ones uttering these words to each other. The boys are so close that their friendship shows in many ways. One example is when one is down with fever, the other one gets to skip school. And if one is celebrating his birthday, the other one gets equal presents/clothes. In this case, one jumps, so does the other.
Even the camera burst is too slow for them

Who wants to jump along? We sometimes do out of horror, but I guess by now we are so used to it we hardly bat an eyelid.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Picture Story Part 1

They say a picture tells a thousand stories. In this case, several pictures make a story, that happens on a repeat mode daily, hourly, some times, every minute!
Follow through the pictures to get the story.

The Gate-Hangers

Sunday, January 25, 2015

He Is F-I-V-E!

Well, well, the big boy turned 5 this January! Smarter, more independent, taller, heavier and naughtier, no joke! It is all a journey we truly treasure. It is an annual recollection 'of the day Sanju arrived'.

On his birthday eve, hubby was telling Sanju his birth story 'your mother was in pain when she was brought to the hospital'. Sanju's eyebrows wrinkled with concern 'why pain? She sick?'

We got the kids their pre-birthday presents, their Big Hero 6 toy figurines they waited ages (read 2 weeks) to have! 

In receiving the new toys they took the eternal oath of loving and caring for their toys from better to worst, rich to poor, hunger to thirst, from Disney to DisneyXD... etc

And just moments later at home...

Lets just say that hubby and I had a 'ball' fixing it back together. We sure learn something new every day!

The day started with a little celebration with the kindy friends.

Followed by a simple get together with family at home, with a homemade & home decorated cake by the Mr. Appa himself! 

In the past I would have felt that kindy celebration is perhaps over-rated, but it feels more fun going over with a cake, celebrating with lil friends, and then giving them their goodie bags. Birthday kid gets to share his/her happiness with friends and shower them with little tokens of friendship. What better way to foster friendship and togetherness from a young age!

In conjunction with our (Sanju and I) birthday month, here's presenting our version of Ju-on kid, called Sanju-on. Hope you don't get nightmares!


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