Sunday, October 5, 2014

Roasted Chicken With Veggies Recipe

I present you the one casserole dish, roasted chicken with vegetables. I had seen such recipes around but somehow I never got to making it because I have a rice-lover in the house, so most meals need to be rice+gravy/soup. Somehow this time I got the brilliant idea of serving it with pasta, and my how it worked!

And to show you how spontaneous and easy the recipe is, I will just explain the recipe without any format. Ok, I admit, I also get to save some formatting work!

Its so simple that you can just spend several minutes chopping the vegetables, and toss them into the casserole dish. I chopped potatoes, french onion, carrots, and crushed some garlic. The larger the better! Throw in a splash or two of EVOO, salt, mixed herbs and black pepper and toss well.
Keep aside.

Marinate some chicken in soy sauce, worchester sauce, salt, honey and mixed herbs. And oh, some more generous amount of EVOO. You could chill this for an hour or so, or move on to the next step immediately.

Arrange the marinated chicken on top of the veggie goodies. Bake at 240C for 40 to 60 minutes.

Thanks to all the yummy marinade and juice and fat from the chicken you get super aromatic and doubly yummy juice at the bottom. You could go all Jaime Oliver on it and transform it into the perfect gravy or just leave it in for a runnier gravy to go with your dish.

The final look of the meal, roasted chicken and veggies served with aglio olio pasta. In fact the juice from the chicken is so flavourful and rich, you could just toss your cooked pasta in it, it would be totally mindblowing. But don't forget parmesan cheese on your pasta. Totally does it!

On a side note I have totally over-used the totally work, okbye!


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