Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My soupy attempt

I'd like to make it clear that this is not exactly an attempt per say - its just that it sounded nice that way in the title. In fact this is one soup dish that I am very fond of, both cooking and eating.

The dish is spiced chicken soup and the ingredients are very much like confinement soup with lots of ginger and chicken cooked in nice broth. It is what my mom used to make for us when we were young and down with flu. Other times it takes special requests to get this for meals.

Basically I've blended garlic, ginger, potato, carrot and turmeric with coriander, cumin, black pepper, and fennel seed powder. It is not called spiced for no reason.

I love to start any cooking with a nice onion and garlic sautee. You can also it on some dried chillis to give the extra spice. Throw in the blended ingredients and fry for a while. Next you can chuck in the chicken pieces and some chicken balls, if you please. After cooking a while, add hot water of your desired quantity and soup thickness. One it starts to boil put in some vegetables. I like celery, tomatoes and baby corn. For added thickness, you can put some corn starch, and voila!

Spiced soupy chicky goodness! You can eat it with rice, pasta or just in its own.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

My new mobile hazards

There's been plenty of hazards with this new android I am carrying now. For one thing this is my first touchphone, so sending sms is not as fast as before. Thanks for the smart feature that recognises possible words even if we jumble them up with our big fingers. However, I am trying to send as little sms as possible at the moment, need to get used to it for a little while more. Furthermore as I am keeping the phone busy with me exploring the new horizon and software, battery is running low like nothing. And it doesn't help that the automatic 3G connection was eating up my credit, until I finally turned it off. Can you believe, it consumed RM10 in just 30 mins... thank god I didn't get a data plan or something, otherwise I'd be forking out $$$ just on monthly bills!

Mean while, hubby is having a nice time laughing away at my learning curve plight.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My first food blog

I've been planning to blog about my recipes but usually never get around to taking the photo as hubby and I are usually too soon to gobble it up once off the stove. Ok maybe I aggregated a bit truth is cooking and savouring each and every bite is a challenge during these times of King Sanju's ruling.

I love cooking and according to hubby I'm the best cook in the face of earth and other planets, or something to that effect.

One dish I recently tried is our Malaysian favourite (and my top fav) char kuey teow. I don't usually stick to a particular set of recipe while cooking, just go with the flow, ala chef at home on the AFC channel.

The basic ingredients are your regular thick and light soy sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, and chilli sauce. I sauteed onion, lotsa garlic and ginger with dried red chillies. Also some chicken, fish cake and egg. For the vegetable balance factor, there are cabbage, carrot and the usual kuchai and beans sprout. Bon apetit!

edit: for some reason I can't rotate the picture, pls bear with me... Learning curve

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My first messy diaper

Well we've had sanju for 6 months now, and he's been fully on cloth diapers with nappy liners. This means no messy diaper cleanup, just take the liner off and throw away. Yesterday, I somehow forgot to put the liner although I knew he had not poo-ed for the day. Guess what he did a massive one which indeed was the first messy clean up for me. Boy was it tiring! Thanks to hubby for his help!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My new androidian status

After weeks of research and survey, I've finally got my HTC wildfire in my hand. Hubby agreed this was indeed the right model for me, after much convincing and perusal.

The process of surveying was indeed very interesting. Firstly most of the shops did not deal with HTC phones. One such shop that I approached actually told me that wildfire uses some Microsoft OS that is not user friendly. I may not be mobile expert but I sure know that wildfire is using Android. I immediately decided that shop does not deserve to sell HTC if he knows nuts about the OS. Another shop guy told me wildfire is a new model not yet in the market. I was like wtf, I held OS just days back at bkt tinggi jusco. Needless to say I avoided the mentioned shops for good.

After finally finding the shop with the best deal, the Chase was not over yet. It took 3 days to get the phone in stock. It either the HTC folks produced the phone on limited numbers or it is just in demand. Hubby dear is now very involved in the teeter game and vowed to maintain his highest score record. After sanju, this phone has been keeping me awake now exploring the many apps including Blogger Droid!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My wish-list: HTC Wildfire

Could this be the one? Lately been doing some research for a new smartphone, and this really attracted my attention... good features & potential and not to mention relatively generous to the wallet (clutch, in my case).. Am I ready to embark on the Androidian journey?

For those who came in late, Android is a new mobile operating system developed by Google. It is totally open source, allowing anyone to develop for it without having to pay fees. That means it is constantly new and evolving, with thousands of new apps available on the Android Market, with more to follow.

Although professionally I am into computer, IT and such, but it is not really a personal interest. Perhaps this would unleash the 'IT geek' in me? Let see... and stay tuned

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My opinion on Parenthood

Well I am not referring to the new TV series playing on StarWorld recently. It is not like I get to catch any TV shows lately, not even my favourite superstar's Living with Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan reality series!

However, something from the initial trailers of Parenthood did catch hubby & my eyes. One character mentions that 'parenthood' is all about the kids. Which is so true, my little 6 month old boy actually controls the house from the day he was born. Where we go, and what we do, is all decided by him, and his schedule. And the lucky chap does not even need to keep any diary or reminders to run his busy life, he has 2 people running all around him making things work for him.

Now when I think back, being a kid was the best thing in my life, we never had to think about technicalities of life, and everything is run for us just perfectly. Now, actually being in my parent's shoes, makes me truly feel and appreciate what they have done for me This goes sincerely for you!

And I'd like to take a short moment to confess that I manage to steal a few minutes of my lunch hour to watch Living with SRK!

My Warmer Woes

During pre-baby shopping, getting a Steriliser was on the top-most must-buy list. Gone are the days where we boil a pot full of water just to boil the bottles in it. Baby care technologies have surely come a long way now.

Found a large variety of Sterlisers and I was humbled by the cost ranging from RM200-RM500. I had opted for Avent feeding bottles, but getting an Avent Steriliser was burning a into my pants (pocket already burnt with all the other purchases). Thank god the lady at one of the shops recommended me a more afforadable brand, Little Bean, and guess what, it also comes with a baby food/bottle warmer, costing abt RM199, with one year's warranty.

I managed to convince hubby to wait a while more before purchasing, as not to waste the warranty period, which was to start upon purchase, and baby's arrival was like 4 months later. Luckily so, I managed to find an online store having year-end sales with 20% discount on the exact same item.

So much background on the steriliser, when my post is titled on the warmer instead. Cut long story long (wasn't it?), I happily put the warmer to use. Few times of usage, I found it to be a lil bit slow, and the option for warming milk given is just 40 degrees Celcius. Even after changing the option to 70 degrees (food warming option) it is just as slow.

While I warm the bottle away, Sanju was always wailing away like he is 7 years hungry. One fine day we discovered that warming the bottle in a hot water is much faster, cos we dont have to wait for the temperature to reach 40/70, plus baby doesn't have to cry-out so long!

But hey, the steriliser works wonderfully! And it is now at the babysitter's for her convenience, and me? I am back on the good old traditional method of boiling the bottles - now don't laugh!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Fast Food Rantings

You know how some fast food restaurants have certain campaigns or promotions like 'if we dont serve you in 15 mins, the meal is free', there is a certain fast food joint that actually works the other way round.

My recent experience with KFC in a few different outlets turns out to be the same painful ordeal each time. Order taking & giving is slow, sometimes with a few mistakes here and there, rectifying it takes a while more. There are times when newbies are given on-the-job trainings. Well please do train your personnels, but prepare them before the training, and not make them have their first every experience in using the cash machine and getting familiar with orders.

At the end of it, their campaign seems to be like 'if we serve you in below 30 mins, the meal is free'.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to target or intend to bring down this particular fast food brand, but it is just that, as a consumer we deserve to be served in a timely manner, provided the fact that the service is being paid for accordingly. I hope someone from KFC is listening, or rather reading.

HUNBABA Mei Tai Baby Carrier Guest Giveawayy

I love giveaways!!! Check it out:

HUNBABA Mei Tai Baby Carrier Guest Giveawayy

Friday, July 9, 2010

My hubby's second love - Chili's

Yes, his second love is Chili's Grill & Bar... Well it is really FOOD in general, but Chili's reigns at the topmost position, due to this western (American to be specific) menu. Those large burgers and sandwiches served there easily beats the tiny (in comparison) BigMacs at McDs.

When the new Chili's opened in Empire Gallery, Subang recently, we just had to go and try it (like we didn't taste it already). Subang is somewhat nearer to our place in Klang, rather than the usual trip to Bangsar or Midvalley just to dine at Chili's.

We had our usual favourite & compulsory appetizer - Triple play, our main dishes & some margarita.... it actually turned out to be early celebration for Germany's win against Argentina.. But now when I think again, what a waste they lost to Spain! At least we got our Chili's, so, who cares.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My CD stash review

Here is a brief review of my humble CD stash:

Coolababy OS snaps pocket diaper
  • Pros - favourable price (read: cheap). Very trim fit, and easy to dry. Came with 2 microfibres each, so I have the option of doubling the inserts for longer use. Colour of the PUL looks shiny and new even after 3 months of daily use and wash
  • Cons - One insert can last 1-1.5hrs only. Fleece inner not dry enough to baby's skin
Autumnz OS velcro pocket diaper
  • Pros - Nice PUL. Very good absorbing insert by the standard of regular microfibers.
  • Cons -Hate the velcro, because it doesn't feel pleasant knowing baby's skin might be rubbing into it.
Bamboolite OS snaps pocket diaper
  • Pros - Reasonably priced CD. Love the bamboo inner on the baby skin. Inserts are top class in absorbing, can last for night use for a humbly priced CD.
  • Cons - Inserts & cover both takes longer to dry
Joli OS snaps pocket diaper
  • Pros - Works exactly the same way as Bamboolite... long lost sisters
QQ Minky OS pocket diaper
  • Pros - Love the minky outer, soft and cute. Plus this is my first CD with designs on the outer. 2 microfibers included are very good absorbers for day use. Microsuede inner smooth and gentle to skin
  • Cons - Can't think of any at the moment
Itti Bitti d'lish SIO
  • Pros - very luxe, cute & pretty. Good sets of soakers and boosters, and love the SIO concept. The future of economical cloth diapering for my baby. Small crotch
  • Cons - Perhaps the crotch is too small, afraid of pee or poo leaking, yet to confirm

My new love - Itti Bitti d'lish SIO

I came across these fantastic super luxe cloth diapers, Itti Bitti d'lish SIO through some professional CD mamas. When I say professional, yes I do mean professional, speaking CD language with jargons that makes me google them up! SIO you may ask, more details coming up!

With the decision to add on to my humble CD stash, as well as getting better absorption for my growing 5 month old, I ordered 2 of these IBs. They come trim and have this soft outer waterproof layer that not just looks cute, but very luxurious feel for baby. The outer looks so pretty (if I can use this word on my baby boy), I might just let him be without any pants or shorts for a while now!

Now this has been a new CD venture for myself. SIO stands for Snap In One, which means this diaper comes with snap-on soakers, that allows me to reuse the outer by just replacing the soaker pads once it is wet. Economical, no? Better off this way, considering the whole set of IB CDs with soakers cost quite a bomb for a mama on budget. Another added advantage is the option of adding extra absorbancy with mini boosters. So much snapping involved? But hey, it doesn't get confusing because the snaps are colour coded... poka yoke of sorts.

The quality of the soaker is the most important aspect of the IB. One layer of bamboo booster with a trifold bamboo booster gives multiple layers of absorption & also keeps it easy for drying time. The suedecloth topped hourglass stayed super dry on my boy even after the night use.

I can now shift my CD journey towards SIO method, purchasing more soakers to use on the existing 2 shells I already have - or so I tell myself to control my further CD stash!

Now I ask myself, what next?

My WC 2010 rantings

Just as predicted by Paul the soccer picking octopus, Germany is out of the finals World Cup 2010. I was actually planning on writing off the accuracy & dependency of this octopus, but amazingly, it turned out right again.

As absurd as it is, in an event that happens only once in 4 years, involving about 20 men running after one ball with the whole nation & world cheering for them, is now depending on predictions by an octopus. And the more interesting news is a bird in Singapore, named Mani, is now joining Paul in picking winners.

Brief info here:

What's next, are these animals planning on predicting 4Ds as well? I know people interested in subscribing such service, and maybe this will be a good way to provide these animals a good home, apart from other efforts by PETA such as the unnecessary nude photo ads by celebrities worldwide.

The interesting part is yet to come, lets see how accurate the octopus is for the finals ESP-HOL match, if the Germans haven't butchered him yet. Sambal sotong anyone?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My World Cup 2010 Fever

Hubby is a super duper huge great fan of the Germany team at the World Cup 2010. He has decided to make our Sanju a German player for the 2030 WC, even got the number 10 for him.

A couple of weeks before WC 2010 started, hubby was on a journey to purchase his once -in -a-4-years German jersey, and his extra special mission this time was to get a similar one for little Sanju. Thanks to jusco, this hunt was not difficult. And as soon as he got the jersey, hubby made sure he took a snap of Sanju in his new jersey, in full action.

Wanna know how it turned out? Well, the picture below speaks a thousand words and goals!

Justice was made to these efforts when the Nazis kicked some major ass at the WC2010 and now playing at the semi finals! We're all rooting for Sanju's team's success like our life depended on it! Now lets hope we get to ship Sanju to Germany by 2030 WC!

My cloth diapering journey

Cloth diapering is perhaps the best thing we did for our baby, apart from giving birth to him and giving him parents like us :D

Just before Sanju's arrival, I had about 30 traditional napkins ready for him. During the first month, my mom did the laundry, and second month I used to do the laundry on my own, all handwash only - because some traditional beliefs on baby's clothes. Later I realised how tiring it is to keep up with the laundry, like so many napkins in one day, I became crazy washing, drying & changing for my baby.

I couldn't imagine how to manage this laundry after I resume my job. Furthermore newborns pee and poo so often, the moment I change, he pees again! For night use, he was fully on disposable and sometimes just to avoid extra laundry, I'd start using dipos from 7pm-7am. In the end I noticed I was spending about RM40 per week on dispos. Then it occurred to me, if I invested this amount on a cloth diaper, I could at least wash and reuse them again.

I started off with a few experiment or sample pocket cloth diapers - Bamboolite & Autumnz.

Bamboolite, as the name suggests, has a bamboo inner that stays dry and acts as anti-bacteria on baby's skin, so you can kiss nappy rash goodbye. The inserts are one layer bamboo and several layers of microfiber, which works like a charm for medium wetter baby. It works the best as a night diaper. Autumnz, although not as heavy duty as Bamboolite, has a nice fit and also absorbs pretty well.

What can I say, I was hooked onto cloth diapering after that, nothing could stop me. Thankfully hubby has been supportive and very encouraging on CD, although he is very particular about leaving the diapers on for long hours.

My CD stash was later upgraded with a few Coolababys for day use, and QQ Baby Minky for their minky designs, and yea, how can I forget Joli CD, the long lost sister of Bamboolite! Pics of my QQ Baby Minky & Joli:

Follow me as my cloth diapering journey continues... Hope to upgrade to different types of cloth diapers in the near future, to fulfill my baby's diapering needs, and yeah, my addiction!


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