Monday, June 20, 2011

SnuggBaby Cloth Diaper Review

About 1 month back I won Snuggbaby's new product on the block through their mini giveaway, the Snugg Cloth Diaper. It is the hottest new diaper in the local market, and what separates it from others is the unique selection of colours offered.

My prized diaper is of the spiceberry colour. The set is a diaper shell with snap closure, 1 microfiber and 1 hemp insert to provide flexibility on the degree of absorbency desired.

The Snugg CD has been among my (toddler's) workhorse diaper for day time use, and I have been loving it so far. The diaper shell inner is made of jersey-like material that is stay dry and easy to remove unwanted stains. It is also very quick to dry, either under the sun or indoors under the fan. The 2 row snap closure is easy to put on, and gives an excellent fit on my toddler. The additional hemp insert provides better absorbency for my heavy-day-wetter needs. The PUL outer is sort of stretchy type, which means it can fit the kid longer than the regular PUL types. And did I mention that the colour is so pretty, even on a boy?

Snugg CD is definitely value for money as it is reasonably priced and comes with excellent features that a good cloth diaper needs.

In my opinion some improvement can be done on the inserts. A thicker microfiber insert and another extra layer on the hemp can provide more than just basic absorption. The hemp insert does shrink a little after washing, this can be taken into account to provide larger hemp insert in the set. And my wish is that Snugg CD comes in pretty prints, surely a CD-mama can ask for that?

The special thing about Snuggbaby Cloth Diaper is that it is fully Malaysian-made, and I believe in supporting our Malaysian talents and products, especially when it is a sweet WAHM.

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