Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sanju Got Spiked

In all the Diwali festive excitement and busy-ness, Sanju had all freedom going out, eating (or rather refusing to eat) and being his naughty self as I have been busy in preparing for the celebration. The lucky chap hardly ate, played, and broke things the whole day. Also going out for last minute shopping was his main agenda with my in laws.

On Diwali eve afternoon, I found him to be unusually quiet. Once I carried him over to make him nap, I realised his body was rather warm than usual, read abt 37.5 Celcius on the thermometer. When the cooling patch did not bring the temperature down, we rushed him to clinic. It was our aim to make sure he is all well before Diwali.

Doctor diagnosed low fever due to throat infection, and prescribed antibiotics apart from the paracetamol. It was a huge relief that it was nothing serious. However as Sanju is not even 2 years old, I was very skeptical in giving him antibiotics and preferred him to recover on his own.

I have been an ardent follower of the Natural Parenting and Living Loft group in Facebook, there are a huge number of ideas and tips on natural living which I have been trying on myself and kids. I had bought the virgin olive oil (VCO) months back, and been using it externally for skin issues. Admin of the group and a fellow blogger and CD mama, Hanz has shared some of the VCO benefits on her blog.

I decided to try the VCO on Sanju for the throat infection and the fever. I did give him paracetamol to control the fever. At the same time I wanted to give him VCO for the throat and supplement for his health. As usual, it is a huge chore feeding him medicine, even for the paracetamol doses he ended up throwing it all out 2 times, but as my mom would say, it is good to vomit because the fever comes out, whatever for the best.

For the VCO supplements, I sneakily spiked his food with a tablespoon of VCO each meal, something that I learnt from other mothers from Natural Parenting FB group. 2 days later, fever is gone, and the throat infection is gone too. I am officially a convert of natural medication. Will update more of my success stories later, and who knows, you could be a convert too! Till then, Happy Diwali!

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Cas said...

Thanks for the natural tip. Will keep it in mind. Hope he had a good Diwali with his younger brother :)

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