Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Superhuman Me

I don't watch superhero movies because they seem ridiculous to me (except Endhiran and Ra.One). I never thought superhuman was ever real, until I became a mother, of two. Pardon the not-so-humble post, but the content on this blog entry is totally my very personal views and opinions, and you have the very right to think otherwise, if you dare to.

When I was a full time working mother of one, Sanju, I believed I was definitely a human of a higher ranking given the amount of multitasking I did. From household chores and work to my baby care from scratch. I stayed home for the first 4 months to do everything for him on my own and witness every single milestones.

And even after going back to work, I researched, planned and prepared all his solids by myself, ensuring no stones left unturned. That is just one of the small (more humility) things I did, and I rightfully felt pretty super myself.

Fast forward to the arrival of my second baby, 19 months after Sanju, I was in serious doubt if I could cope. Gone were the ambitions of working full time. Hubby and I decided there is no day care or babysitter that can take the combination of kids, only the mother can provide the proper care (and juggle) for the 2 of them, hence we decided that I will be a stay at home mother.

After confinement period at both our families place, I put myself to the challenge. Never realised there was such a potential in me. I am now officially a superhuman with super abilities of handling 2 kids of 19months gap by myself.

I handle the household chores, while ensuring both are fed, burped (not Sanju), changed, you get the idea. This involves a lot of running around, tripping, forgetting, misplacing, and some tantrums in between, of myself or even Sanju. At all other times, it is Jeev's frequent crying that keeps the ambience lively.

I get to cook if both of them nap at the same time. Ocassionally I do my nails. I also try to pluck my eyebrows and upper lip facial hairs, but there is a huge risk if either of them wake up in between, because I will end up with only one side done. And if either one is asleep, I try my best to make sure the other does not get in an activity that might wake the sibling up. Some sanity is all I ask for. And some sanity is all I get, sometimes.

While Peter Parker says 'With great power comes great responsibility', I say 'Great responsibilities unleash the great powers within us'. I'm amazed at myself, for the superpowers and the super-quote, no offence Spiderman!

Speaking of superheroes, here is Sanju, eating his favourite chicken rice, and refusing to wear his bib, so daddy put it on like a cape for him.

How are the kids doing? Well, growing up well, still finding the harmonious balance while spreading superpowers to their mom.

Here's wishing more superpowers to enable me to update my much neglected blog more often. Perhaps I need to make the kids nap longer. Till then, superpower dust to you all!

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