Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Ninja Boys, Cowabunga!

You guessed it right, we watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last weekend.  The movie event was a deja vu for both of us parents. As kids we remember having our journeys to those big cinema halls to watch movie at RM3 per person.  

The boys have been building up their anticipation since a year ago when they got their TMNT figurine toys, and then subsequently our collection of McDonald's toys from the happy meals. And then a few weeks ago my brother got them this TMNT gears, all hell broke loose!

They even shot a mini video of them banging the things in the house with their TMNT gears!

Back to the movie event, the hall was totally full. First I thought to myself, 'Wow so many kids!' And then I thought again 'Wow so many kids and so many kids-at-heart'. For those of us who grew up watching and idolising the pizza eating ninja turtles in 80s, this movie is no less than a walk at memory lanes. Families came to catch the movie with their little ones. Creating new memories for the kids, and reliving their own!

The boys were fully geared up with TMNT fever long back. Several months ago I taught them the TMNT theme song I grew up listening. Even though this new version does not have the song, my boys can sing 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, heroes in a hard shell, TURTLE POWER!'

If you are kid from the 80s, you would know what I mean, and in case you are still wondering, this is what I mean.

Those days TMNT was the only place you can see Dominos Pizza, when you had Pizza Hut all over the country. However this new version of TMNT shows Pizza Hut instead. 

The graphic details of the computer generated turtles were awesome, and the action was simply wow. Just a little complain that Master Shredder should have been given more importance in his true form and less hi-fi costume, because it was turning out to be more of a transformer than a master villain with super skills and scar-ful face. I expected a revelation of Shredder's scary face during the climax.

Nevetheless, the kids, and us kids-at-heart totally loved the movie! Waiting for the sequel to come back with a bang!

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