Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Masterchef Attempt

It took me quite a while to gather the balls to post this on my blog. Of course it is out there in YouTube and Facebook but posting here somewhat connects this video to this blog and to me. And then it also somewhat becomes immortal. Maybe I wish it does... I don't know!

It is no secret I love cooking and Masterchef shows! When Masterchef Asia recently opened for auditions, I jumped at the opportunity to try-out. Actually it was my hubby jumping higher than me. He was eager to help me plan what to cook. And we got this audition video out.

So by now you know I did not make it to the show, and I can't say I am not disappointed. I wish I got the chance to go up to at least top 15 and experience the mastery that the homechefs are put through. On the other hand I am happy that I was spared of making the tough decision of being away from home for 3 solid months. 

Having said that, this definitely does not end here. I will continue to pursue my dream of culinary showbiz, and let's see where it gets me. Wish me luck! OKBYE!

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