Sunday, April 3, 2016

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake Recipe

It is someone's special day today, and I wanted to bake a cake for him because 1) I always get nice feedback and compliments for my homemade cakes and 2) it's priceless as far as monetary value is concerned.

As Monday is a working day, I planned it earlier and wanted to bake on Sunday itself. As usual, my little minions (the boys) were more than happy to help. Usually they help me to mix, whisk, stir and in the end, they would lick spatulas and whisks then after.

After our lunch, we got going. I had all ingredients in order. Then I realised, all the 2 to 3 hours of work, kids will not get to eat any cake (because it is going to be saved for the next day). Suddenly I felt bad for them, then it came to me, why not whip out a lil extra for some sweet afternoon treat?!

I am a total fan of Sally's Baking Addiction blog, and I remember seeing a very drool-licious molten cake recipe there, and with all ingredients available, why not? Here is the original recipe however I am not keen on the peanut butter portion. I had my cooking chocolate ready as substitute. Also I reduced the egg yolks, took the risk and I must say I am proud to announce that it turned out all so swell and gooey runny goody!

Here is:

You need:
100 gm cooking chocolate
1/4 cup APF
1/4 cup sugar
6 squares of cooking choc
2 eggs
1/2 cup butter  

Method:1) Melt the butter and 100 gm cooking chocolate together. You can double boil or use the microwave.
2) Mix sugar and APF together, and pour into choc mixture. Give it a nice whisk.  Add 2 eggs and mix well. Sanju had dedicated himself into perfecting this.
3) Pour into 3 ramekins, prop 2 squares of choc in the center of each ramekin.
4) Bake at 220 for 20mins

You can turn it upside down onto a plate, have a scoop of ice cream over and savour it, or just dig into it like we did, gooey runny maddness!

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