Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Parmesan Herb Hokkaido Loaf Recipe

For a long long time my breadmaker has been very busy kneading dough for me. Usually for capati, or pizza, or cinnamon rolls. Only on selected few occasion I actually make a full loaf on it, which is actually very convenient given you have allowed enough time to knead, proof, bake and cool, that is about almost 3 hours.

Yes, you need ample of time to cool down, and I very well know that from my own experience. There were times that we eager-mcbeavers jumped into the loaf, only to find it too soft to handle, totally spoiling the shape of the bread, and not to mention overly hot ugly slices. The only thing good out of it is perhaps the fact that butter melts super well on it. Now.. the glass is always half full here at Sunnyside.

In the past I tried making the tangzhong Hokkaido bread, and also attempted to add butterscotch to the regular Hokkaido loaf recipe, and it goes without saying, like many others, we totally loved the texture that it gives. But I did not want to repeat myself, because for one thing, my audience is always hungry for something new. And a plain hokkaido bread on a Sunday afternoon is not that interesting to cheer up upcoming gloomy evening.

That is when I decided to go for the best thing that goes with bread, cheese, parmesan, at that. And some herbs. Really, this reminded me of my favourite focaccia, and yes that is what I was going for.

Long story short, using the regular Hokkaido loaf recipe, I added parmesan cheese, herbs and some olive oil halfway in the breadmaker, and that did it just fine.

This recipe is from the Tesco breadmaker facebook group, and is definitely a keeper for a long long time, hence I am immortalizing it here on my humble blog.

You need: 270g Bread flour
30g All purpose flour
15g Milk Powder
5g Yeast
40g Sugar
4g Salt
1 Egg
125g Milk/yogurt
75g Whipping cream 
Just dump everything into the breadmaker as you usually would at function 5, sweet, color light, 1.5L. Give it 10 minutes of kneading time, and then add in maybe 2-3 tbsp parmesan cheese, some mixed dried herbs and lastly some drops of olive oil. Feel free to add more if you like.

Wait patiently, slice the bread, and savour with butter, or just focaccia style, with balsamic vinegar and olive oil!

Turned out my load was rather dark in colour despite being at the light mode. For the next loaf I ought to turn the machine off 10 minutes before its supposed to. Hopefully that does the trick. Nevertheless, it smelled heavenly and tasted divine. You definitely can never go wrong with cheese! 

The next loaf in my plan would be caramelized onion loaf, because repeating is just boring.
Happy trying!

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