Monday, May 9, 2011

The Boy Who Stole A Slipper

There comes a time in every toddler's life when they simply love wearing adult shoes and slippers. Sanju in particular, does not even mind if he is already wearing his bubblegummer baby shoes, his feet will easily slip into our slippers and shoes all the time.

Last weekend, while my mom, sister and I were busy window shopping, my dad was babysitting Sanju at the bedding fair in Jusco Bukit Tinggi. Dad is quite used to making himself busy taking a walk while we shop, this time he brought Sanju along for the ride (walk).

They walked around the bedding fair, as there was a lot of colourful bedding items that attracted Sanju, keeping babysitting fuss-free for dad. Suddenly, dad realised that Sanju was stopping at his steps, while trying to adjust this footwear. Little did he know that Sanju was actually wearing (dragging) an extra slipper on his right shoe!

When he checked around, he noticed a guy in his 50s was standing crossed feet, one feet out of his slippers, looking at some pillows, and the slipper in Sanju's shoes matched his other side. Dad left the slipper some 5 metres away from the guy, and decided to watch the show from far, so see how the guy actually manages to spot his missing slipper.

It took a good 10mins for the guy to realise that one of his slipper is missing. He looks around, looks below the display railing, and then gives a blank look (guess he was wondering how is he going to walk back to his car without a slipper on one feet). Thankfully he looks further and spots the missing slipper, grabbing it fast. He probably vowed to never ever take his slipper out in a crowded area again.

After that, dad had a hilarious time repeating and re-enacting the situation over and over again, and the laughter never ceased for the whole night.

Right now the big question is, how did Sanju manage to drag the slipper away from the guy without him realising? I must say my little boy is growing up to be very smooth in his moves. Baby girls out there, beware!

Later that night, I realised I lost Sanju's straw cup, probably left it at the restaurant. Footwear paranormal experts (my dad) say the ghost of the slipper devoured it.

When he is not dragging unknown slippers, Sanju lounges around in a make-shift hammock.

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Cas said...

Haha OMG hillarious encounter~! Good thing your dad managed to find the owner of the slippers.

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