Thursday, May 5, 2011

Around The World and About

Its been a week since I blogged and it feels like ages to me. Partly because I have been so held up with work, home and baby that somehow the (internet) world around me has just frozen momentarily. It is not fun when you are back at your hometown to spend some nice family time and you end up being stuck in some ad-hoc urgent production requests and a misbehaving server. Things we have to do for our career (and monthly salary). The so-called holiday turned out to be a super busy working week trying to figure out how to get the server working.

So many things happened in the past one week.

Prince William and Kate Middleton got married. Prince William, who used to be the better looking brother in the 90s, is now well overshadowed by his brother Harry's good looks. How times have changed. Kate Middleton, the middle-class girl, looks nothing short of a stunning lady, no matter at which age. None of the paparazzi pictures of hers on the channel E! shows have any flaw, natural born princess perhaps?

Datuk Shazryl Eskay swore over the holy Quran on the controversial video. And now Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is much challenged to do the same. How easy if everything in life could be resolved by just swearing over holy books. The police and court system would lose their jobs. And I swear I am gonna get mental if my server does not decide to behave itself over the duplex network very soon!

Another highlight of the week is definitely how the Obama administration finally nailed Osama Bin Laden down. The guy who was thought to be in hiding, somewhere in a cave in the Afghan deserts, happened to be living quite happily somewhere else. Alas, the end had to come, and together with this, there was some spam in the facebook apparently showing horrifying pictures of Osama's body, even though the Obama administration never did reveal any. Come to think of it, without any proof, how is the public supposed to believe that Osama is indeed dead? It is ironic how lengthy of a speech President Obama had given over the news of the demise of the notorious terrorist. It almost made Osama sound like an important figure, in a positive way.

Over here at home, the baby inside me is getting very active, perhaps warming up to join forces with my obnoxious 1 year old. Speaking of which, Sanju is so pleasant at times, I can't imagine where did the angel come from, and at other times, I wonder why are there so many tantrums and demands from a little angelish looking devil. Right now, I am just enjoying the quiet moment while he gets his beauty sleep with violent movements.

Excuse me while I get back to my work, weekly reports and resolving tickets. Ah, life!

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