Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whats Up Dipes?

While enduring all the pregnancy discomforts and preterm labour scares, I have been stocking up on diapers for the little one on the way. And I must say there is no therapy better than online retail therapy, but I think you already know that, don't know?

So what have I got for the newborn stage? I decided to go for different types of cloth diapers this time round, such as extended tab prefolds, countoured diapers and fitteds. This is definitely a new frontier, road not taken, and new horizon for me, but I am anticipating it would be fun to have something different with the whole cloth diaper system.

With numerous WAHM mamas making diapers, I had no hard time choosing, the possibilities are rather huge out there! Earlier on I was kind of hell-bent on not getting sized diapers for the newborn due to it not being economical and all, but after seeing the lovely items in the WAHM stores, how is a girl to say NO? Plus, I know my newborn will thank me for it!

Firstly, I have got 2 Small sized Extended Tab Prefolds (ETP, don't I love it when CD-ing gets all technical) from Maybel's Closet.

Next, I got a complimentary newborn sized countoured diaper tester (left) from Annie Chan of Crystal Princess Cottage, and one minky newborn fitted diaper. Now, if you get seduced by the minkyness of the minky diaper, don't blame me.

The all so economical and frugal me, made sure that I got some OS pockets as well. I bought these babyland diapers at a steal, and since its a rather small cutting, it is said that it fits a newborn well at the S setting.

Surely these are not sufficient for the newborn frequent poo and pee, I have traditional lampins and covers as backup. And for my rest and sanity during the confinement, I also plan to get disposable diapers for the first week or two. Sorry environment, I will make it up later.

On the other hand, I didn't have to buy most of the baby essentials for the newcomer as yet because we have got most of the items in excellent used conditions. I am feeling rather proud for having made good buys earlier on so that we can save, and instead spend on cloth diapers (I can hear hubby laughing at my statement). Plus, we still have a number of brand new clothes, still unwashed and unworn, some even still in gift packs, to use. It would also be a rather deja vu moment seeing the newborn wearing Sanju's clothes, bring us back to good old times when Sanju was a good behaved baby, unlike the obnoxious One he is now.

And oh, while shopping, I 'accidently' bought one Itti Bitti for Sanju from a recent group buy. I just love the colour!

In the meantime, there is this sudden fitted craze in the group buys in Facebook, so I have got some on the way too, local and Ozzie made as well. I suppose they would be perfect for my newborn later. Let him be the pioneer in using fitteds (in my house at least).


Tracy said...

Hi Qarezma,

Love your Itti Bitti...the colour is just yummy *drool*

I think you're super brave to consider CDing your newborn. Just changing sposies almost drove me mad during my confinement...can't imagine if I have to do CD laundry too O_o

Btw...I too have been bitten by the online shopping bug..especially for cute cloth diapers!


QarezmaV said...

;) IB are all made yummy

Well i plan to partly CD with modern & traditional diapers, but initial few days would be dispos, so just trying my luck there

Beware of the bug, it stays like forever :P

Cas said...

All hail the cloth diaper queen, hehe. It's a very pretty collection. Nothing beats online shopping!

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