Monday, November 19, 2012

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Movie Review

Diwali has become synonymous to Shah Rukh Khan movie trips. He has got his major releases lines up during Diwali each year these days and it makes a perfect outing for the family or couple on Diwali week. And if the movie is good, it is just an added bonus.

We managed to apply for a 4 hour leave from the kids for this movie. We bought tickets online, and yet reached the cineplex late. On top of everything, hubby and I reached at the cinema hall at different times due to different priorities. He had to park the car, get popcorn and all, and he didn't want me to miss much of the movie so let me go in first. Me on the other hand made arrangements with the attendants on duty to hand him his ticket at the counter once he arrives.

I have been SRK fan for like ages, 16 years to be precise. Most of his movie do not disappoint, and are landmark lover boy, sugary and very much diabetic types. In Jab Tak Hai Jaan, SRK plays the same sugary lover boy yet again, but only for the first half. He romances Katrina Kaif in the streets of London, plays the guitar to his song 'Challa' and works at the fish market, as well as a waiter. 

In the second half, his personality is shown total opposite of the former half, reason being the loss of his first love. As the bomb diffuser expert with the Indian Army, he plays with death everyday and gets the attention of a young journalist, Anushka Sharma who is interested in making a documentary on his bravery.

The main love story between the leads SRK and KK has its greatest moments, especially during the 'Saans' song. The subsequent subplot which involves Anushka rather pulls the story into an unpleasant pace, and once it gets back into the earlier story again, I almost let out a sigh of relief. It would have been so much better without that subplot and an extra love angle.

I would say this movie was close to disappointing due to the poor second half. Perhaps it is me who has grown up in my taste in movies, while SRK still remains in the same character to impress his young fans.

For me it was the songs and the music of the movie that kept the pace and emotions together. Without AR Rahman's music, so much of the soul would be lost.

If you are a SRK fan, then I would still say it is a must watch for the romantic moments, and just simply SRK. Filmwise, nothing to shout about.

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