Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali folks! Yes I have been away from blogging for a while now, but not really away away, just been busy being so busy with the kids and family and yea, Diwali too!

What has Diwali been about this year? For one thing, it was the first Diwali at our new house. And the rest is as special as Diwali always gets, 3Fs, that is Family, Food and Fun!

I was totally into baking this year with our new oven and all. I made Chocolatey orange chocolate chip cookies. This turned out totally good, but too huge. I gotta make them smaller scoops next time.

And some butter cookies, just for the sake of having cut-out cookies to use the gingerbread man cutter that I bought. The moment I showed 'Gingi' to Sanju he shrieked out of excitement, took it out of my hands, and then instead of savouring the melting cookies, he crushed him into crumbs. Ah, boys!

Something I have been itching to bake in a long long time, cinnamon rolls! They turned out so good that I am gung-ho into baking buns and breads next.

The kids Diwali pajamas was Spiderman themed, and they slept in it so that they would wake up in new clothes.

On the eve, after the kids sleep, and once we are done making laddus, as per tradition I spend the night drawing henna for us. I use my ambidextrous skills to draw henna on both my hands, one a time, of course.


After hours of Diwali eating session was celebrated with good sips of wine. Don't ask me the names, I only know how to drink and enjoy them.

Diwali this year was somewhat more relaxed for me as the kids are older and can entertain themselves, giving me more time to cook, bake and do other stuff. Baby Jeev too sleeps better now, which means I can tuck him in bed with Sanju and be AWOL for a few hours to catch supper like those good old days with the hubby and all. There is an additional F to the 3Fs here, which is the Film of my favourite actor, Shah Rukh Khan! This will be elaborated in another blog, of course! Till then, Happy Holidays once again!

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