Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hello There

1, 2, go! Happy Diwali, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

It does not feel good neglecting my blog for two months now. Its been 4 months since I started wearing a new hat. Changing gears from a stay at home mother (SAHM) to a full time working mother (FTWM) is really something. In between there was so much happening. And as much as I would like to pen (or rather type) more, I will let the pictures do the talking this time round.

As usual Hema surprises us with the sweetest gifts from India.

This is how we chill out when the kids are asleep. Don't judge me.

Sanju with this 5 minutes of glory wearing jippa from India during Diwali.

Jeev's MGR get up on Diwali.

And then some dishum dishum MGR style.

My moment of mehendi pride for Diwali.

My brother's house warming dishum dishum moment.

Heeee I am girl!

Yes, they still enjoy food with their own hands, occasionally.

The kids' first ever flight. It doesn't matter that it was for less than an hour, in a tiny flight.

Sanju with my sister. While Jeev left his seat empty being strapped with me.

Sanju and his prized possessions milking his uncle dry.

A very somber Xmas mood. 

My sister's wedding. Spot the boy.

The most eligible bachelors.

Astronaut Paul Frank.

At BurgerLand. Kids insisted to eat the large burger pillows.

And hey it is back to school for both of them in full uniforms!

Happy birthday to me! Thanks Rubini and Priya!

And a very embarassing candle blowing and cake cutting. Ok stop counting the candles now.

Hybrid Ironman. Don't ask me how.

The kids in their unconventional sleeping patterns. Every day is an adventure at slumberland.

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Taj Al Ebrahim said...

Hi . My Name is Taj ,
I Just Wanted To Compliment You On This Amazing Blog .
I Adore Your Family , And The Children OMG ! They Are So CUTE !

Love the Blog Title , (Baby Steps Of Life) Huge Fan Of Baby Steps Life-Style.

Have A nice Day !

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