Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Maverick Dough

After being on cinnamon-sugar high with my cinnamon roll attempt a few days ago, I was rather energetic to go ahead and make another batch so that the 'little girl' could taste it. However fate had other plans, and my yeast failed to rise the dough and left me to nothing but much embarrassment.

At first I just thought of deep frying it into bathura, a deep fried flat bread. Then I decided against it because I simply suck at deep frying. It did occur to me to just throw the dough away, being convinced it is of no use anymore if it does not rise at all, but I just thought of giving the dough one night's stay in the grand fridge.

After sleeping over it, and getting some ideas here and there, I decided to give it a go at making capati or pratas instead. The boys always love those. However, deep inside a part of me was kinda skeptical wondering if the dough would work being pan-toasted.

I was expecting the regular prata rolling experience but was I in a serious surprise! The dough, being a bun dough, was rather elastic, and did not bow down to my intense rolling over and over again. Then I had to resorting to pulling and pressing it to shape to desired size. Somehow I started flinging it a bit to help it expand.

And it struck me, no wonder roti canai is never rolled out, but always flung about. Its also made of the all purpose flour like my dough. And somewhere after my second prata, I realised that letting the flattened dough rest a while gives it a little more rise and makes it more fluffy.

It was all smooth sailing after that. I got into the rhythm and was able to make it more round shaped instead of the map of Australia or even Singapore!

I was so nervous letting my 'audience' have a taste of this little experiment, but guess what, the boys started eating even as I was making the pratas. Reminded me so much of my days at mom's place where she just churns out those beautiful pratas while we roam around her eating as we chat.

I felt more confident only when I had a taste of it on my own. It actually tasted like a damn-good naan! Fluffy, slightly sweet, and ever so rich and luxurious tasting due to the egg content. Who would have thought a disastrous attempt can turn into such a yummy meal?! It is like a fairy tale, the ugly duckling who grows up to be a beautiful swan... this maverick dough with malfunctioning/lazy/failed yeast turned out to be superb naan breads!

To go with the flat breads I had made this red lentil (masuri dal) stew with potatoes, zuchini and chinese cabbage. Lately Sanju is crazy about anything dal... and so victory was mine!

Now I am kinda scratching my head as to how to reproduce this disastrous dough so that I can get the same naans?

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