Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cinnamon And Cream Cheese Rolls Recipe

I love cinnamon rolls. As much as I wish, I don't make them often, purely for health reasons, as I am the one to give in to the temptation gobble down every bit. So it has been a while, and I had got the inspiration to use cream cheese for filling as well. This way with one process we get two types of roll. How economic is that, for the taste buds, that is!

This time I was also able to perfect my recipe, given all the practices and exercises in kneading and portioning. And this time I also had a trustee assistant at hand, who not just helped me in preparing but also helped me in taking step by step pictures for your benefit (Disclaimer: its too tempting, control yourself).

And here goes:
You Need:

320g all purpose flour (APF)
50g sugar
50g butter
130g milk
1 egg
5g yeast
a pinch of sugar

For the filling:
60g brown sugar
30g butter
half tsp cinnamon

50g cream cheese
20g castor sugar


1) Mix APF, salt and sugar in a mixing bowl. Make a well in between and add the milk, yeast and egg. Knead till fully incorporated and then knead in the butter. Make into a smooth dough and cover it to proof for one hour.

2) Mix the brown sugar, butter and cinnamon till smooth and keep aside.

3) Mix the cream cheese and castor sugar till smooth and keep aside.

4) Take the dough and roll it out to a approximately 30cmx40cm.

5) Spread the cinnamon mix on the left half, and cream cheese on the right half.


6) Roll the dough towards yourself, pinching the ends.

7) Cut it into 8 equal sizes.

8) Arrange each roll on a greased baking dish.

9) Proof for another 30 mins and then bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 10 to 15 minutes.

You can always trust APF to make really soft and yummy rolls. And those cream cheese rolls rock, almost taste like yogurt filling. While the brown sugar gives sticky and sweet flavour, the cream cheese filling has all soaked up into the bun giving it a sweet and sour taste. It was amazing having it over a cup of ginger tea with the girls. Try it!

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