Saturday, September 27, 2014

Getting The Baking Fix With Granola Bars And A Focaccia Hack

I keep thinking about it. it is always in my mind. The addiction is so strong, even though it takes a lot of effort to achieve it, it is just something I miss so much! Baking, that is!

Baking or cooking in general takes a lot of processes in preparing, cooking and cleaning in the end. Yet it is so satisfying when you take the first bite, or watch your loved ones savouring it and asking for more after more. And the best is when you get motivated to make it again the next time, getting the chance to improve it, and get more compliments from your beloved audience! Such is the high feeling of producing yummy-ness in the kitchen.

Lately my hubby got nuts about nuts, yeah so he got crazy about eating cashew nuts and stuff, I decided why not make some granolas and put some of the nutritious seeds I had in the freezer for a while. I had bought them for some nutritious buns, which never happened, because, predictably we were more into cheesy and sweet buns.

I used the recipe online recommended by a friend, by Chef Michael Smith (remember Chef at Home?) turned out so simple to make, I did it on a weekday after my dinner.

I initially had the ambitious idea of cutting in into nice little bars and eating them so gracefully like TV ads. We, however, are not living in an ideal world. Likewise my granola bars. They refused to come out nicely cut in bars, or rectangle shapes, so I just digged them out with my hands, and rolled them into balls.

As much as I try not to, even my granola got desi. The granola bars turned granola laddus. And I started getting laddu orders for Diwali. True story!

And here is a hack that I am so excited to share, which I recently tried in the comfort of my own home. Ever since my successful attempts in making focaccia, I have been missing it so much. I had bought these mixed herb pita bread and I felt the LED lights blinking in my head! I brushed them with EVOO and sprinkled with some cheese. I baked it like for ten minutes or so, and VOILA you have short-cut focaccia!

What are the kids up to? Oh, the usual. School, making me tired, going Legoland, and then making me tired again. Here's them posing for the entrance. 

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