Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Addicted To Kneading

For the longest time I remember I had a breadmaker in my wishlist. Then I got kneading. And kneading more. And I got stuck. For a while the mojo got lost somewhere. And then again I reignited the fire, and started wanting breadmaker again. And kneading just got me busy, yet again.

Some time last week I spoke to a very old friend who told me she preferred to knead instead of her breadmaker, and that got me thinking. All the while, I too got distracted and busy that I forgot that I wanted one. Maybe I could live without one after all. Maybe it was so therapeutic that it helped me to take me somewhere far far away that I could be myself. It does not matter that I have my house elves around me while I bake. Instead it works to their advantage that they get to 'help'.

They do a good job brushing, sprinkling, or even licking utensils clean. And during the time I knead, they get to play with the dough. They roll, shape, and stuff it into their toys. And by the time the buns are done, they throw it away and get ready to eat!

From my last baking's leftover dough, I decided to make more Hokaiddo milk loaf inspired cheese and cinnamon loaf. And then the balance tangzhong found me making cheese stuffed rosemary foccacia

The cinnamon loaf turned to be just as heavenly as my favourite cinnamon rolls, just a lighter version. And the cheese stuffed focaccia was just oh-la-la! Best eaten with pesto sauce or dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. All these made perfect tea time for my parents who arrived from a long journey.

The next day one of my house elves was found posing at the Harley Davidson boutique in KLCC. Thanks to my dad who always gets them posing in their best.

And also in the washroom, I was seeing double of the boys who were already a handful!

I will be sharing the recipe for the tangzhong focaccia, till then, stay tuned!

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