Monday, November 24, 2014

Movie Review: Big Hero 6

The recent Disney movies have been must-watch, not just because of the kids but also for their story line and message that we can identify with in our daily lives. Disney has moved on with time from traditional fairy tales to more contemporary story lines that gives the female lead more than just glass slippers.

Big Hero 6 trailers tempted us to watch it for the adorable and chubby robot. Little did we know he turns out to be a healthcare robot. Protagonist Hiro finds himself building a special bond with his deceased brother's inflatable robot. Determined to uncover the mystery behind his brother's death, Hiro transforms his friends into a group of high-tech superheros, you guessed it, called Big Hero 6.

The movie started with a robot fight, bringing in so much laughter and fun especially for the little ones with the underdog winning in the most unimaginable way possible. However, it only goes downhill after that.

It was fun watching our kids enjoy the movie. Yes Baymax is super adorable and makes funny squeaky sound as he moves, just as a balloon would. Story wise it just fails short of achieving even 50% of Frozen or Wreck-It Ralph.

Big Hero 6 is set in an imaginary or rather futuristic city San Fransokyo, a fusion between San Fransisco and Tokyo. What a noble idea to bring the two cultures together, giving a good scope for the story. However one wishes it was leveraged better than this.

For some reason Disney is trying to make new superheroes, when the world (the cinema world, at least) has plenty of. We don't need another team of Avengers or Justice League. Neither do we need a robot or microbot with fancy costumes or transformations. Nor a red coloured robot suit that has self-thrusting robotic hand. We have seen it all. All these ideas, falls behind being original. Sad but true.

Not sure how this movie would fare at the box office, but I sure hope Disney would get the message and stick to what it is best for, less action, more adventure and family drama. Or least, a movie with a message, which is lacking big time in Big Hero 6. 

And by the way, with a number already in the title, this movie will have a hard time finding a name for the sequel. Unless they go Big Hero 7.

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