Sunday, November 23, 2014

Movie Review: Interstellar

Interstellar brings a futuristic movie with a different possibility. Instead of being a super-advanced civilization, the world slows down to concentrate on farming, to provide food for the growing population of the lone planet. No budget or support given for engineering or technology of any kind.

Predictably there is a secret government funded project that aims to save humanity from extinction, by giving mankind a possible alternate planet, in a galaxy so far away it takes a wormhole to travel through.

A group of explorers is set to travel beyond the solar system in search of a planet that can sustain human life.While the rest of the world is barely surviving on farming the last possible food, corn.

The very plus point of this movie is the director Christopher Nolan himself, who has made movies that goes beyond our thinking. Thanks to him our imagination runs wild everytime we think 'Inception', and even Batman is not the same anymore.

Interstellar is like a quantam leap back into the days I loved, lived and breathed science. Astronomy in particular was my favourite topic to read on, probably because we did not cover much of it in physics subject in school.

Interstellar does have some inaccuracies as far as science is concerned, in fact I am guessing it will be at the butt of jokes in The Big Bang Theory for those slight blunders. It is the nerd in me speaking. After all I have been a big fan of TBBT, Back To The Future and TV series Sliders (don't know if anyone remembers it at all). Space time-continuum relation, inter-dimension travel and worm/black holes are all interesting possibilities and raises a thousand questions in my head!

Last year it was Gravity that amazed me (after Life of Pi, of course). And this year it is Interstellar! While Gravity and Life of Pi were on emotional and spiritual side, Interstellar is intellectually tantalising!

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