Thursday, August 27, 2015

Korean BBQ and the works!

It was a busy busy Sunday. Sure enough we love to make elaborate meals on Sundays because it is our day at home. Not to mention the cooking spree also allows me to pack from leftovers for the week. But this was just different.

We had just redeemed our lucky draw gift from the Family Day weekend. It's a table top BBQ set. And immediately, as weekend approached, hubby was already rubbing his hands for a BBQ meal, a Korean inspired on, that is. What could I say? 

So it started. We got 2 types of pork cuts, one lean, another belly. And I entrusted the Mister with lotsa seasoning condiments. Imagine Indian, oriental and western seasoning. And he went wild! These are what we got.

I can't remember the combinations now, but let me just point to you, the last one, actually has sambal belacan in it!

While hubby worked on the meat marinations, I got into making my kimchi

And some spring onion salad. And some Korean anchovies with sesame seed. Not in pic is the chopped spring onion.

Some fresh lettuce was on standby.

We also got some vegetables like onion, oyster mushroom, red pepper and pineapple. This was getting so Bobby Flay!

And then we got the BBQ out!

And this is how we worked it!

Check out the caramelizings!

Out little ensemble.

I was also forced to pose for this picture.

We grilled and we ate. We ate and we grilled. Repeat this 20 times. Awesome Possum!

At the end of it, we were sweating like in a sauna (like every other cooking session) and this time we did not even feel overly full with all the BBQ meat. Should have a Korean BBQ party soon. 

Lesson of the day, for me at least was caramelised pineapples just rock the taste buds!

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