Monday, August 3, 2015

Mini Me Turns F-O-U-R

Our journey together has certainly been one of a kind. At first I was so overwhelmed with having a 19 month old and a newborn to care for. On top of that the newborn was such a high needs baby who cried and cried for don't know what reason. Nothing much seemed to soothe him except breastfeeding. Then breastfeeding became a problem that he got over clingy. It took me a while to find a teeny space in me to love him unconditionally, and what has it become now! Forever the baby!

And I am not just saying that but he does still smell/behave/look like a baby. I think it is the youngest child syndrome!

As you can see the big bro was eager beaver to blow the candles. He was rather upset when everyone wished Jeev so I  made sure he got his birthday wishes too. Alas, he blew the candles the first time round, and we let Jeev have his turn the second time round!

A little more about Jeev, he has a special fashion sense, especially at bedtime.

He confides in his big bro when mummy gets upset with him. Especially at dinner table.

And he loves reading (flipping through) books. Even when he is drinking his milk. True story.

He loves cycling on his tricycle. He has a troop of cyclists who escorts him on the road.

His favourite animal is a tiger. Even if it means just a statue.

He loves wearing the same clothes as his brother.

He is very supportive of his brothers activities. See him making a heart shape with the taekwando suit belt. Who would have thought?

He prefers to hang out at the bar with Appa than join the kids' club. More on that next time.

And as far as toys are concerned, little imitation legos keep him (and Sanju) super-duper-uber-happy!

Happy 4th Birthday the not-so-little-baby!

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