Monday, December 21, 2015

Pictures, Memories And Such

I feel so bad that I have bee neglecting the blog so much lately. Although I have so many pictures to share, just find it hard to get the time to pen things down here. I sure don't like seeing minimal entries for the recent months!

Getting started, here is what happens when you have grandparents fiddling and learning new apps on their smartphones.

Jeev became Krishna, he totally loves this pic.

And Sanju, became the mighty Bumblebee!

Little Krishna also doubles up as Ninja who loves drawing.

Little Krishna's favourite cartoons? Here it is, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Somewhat of a deja-vu for me, reminds me of the Little Artist post I did on Sanju's drawing earlier this year, in the second quarter, to be precise.

And now the boys have found a new groove, remote controlled cars. Fuelled by their father's burning desire to buy more and more toys and eventually run out of space of storing (note to hubby, please please get me built-in cabinets to aid storage and my sanity).

Oh yes, someone went through the trouble to take awesome shots of the cars.

That too with authentic models.

Pictures like this make a good ad for Iphone 6 promo, as much as I hate it, yes, I kinda did it unintentionally.

This is rather late, but hey, we are still in the holiday mode, aren't we? I just love the collage my dad made with my boys and nephew.

Be it Diwali, Christmas, New Year or the coming Chinese New Year, Happy Holidays to all!

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