Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

Here's wishing a very Happy New Year to everyone!

What is New Year without celebration over good food ?

We had a simple barbeque with family on the new year eve. Hubby and I got an opportunity to test our marination skills. As our BBQ set was rotting away, we got an excuse to take it out and make sure it works well within its warranty period.

We were so excited, we were determined not to use the same old BBQ recipes and searched around for something new. By chance I found this Jamie Oliver recipe that boosts of non conventional ingredients such as oranges and dried chilli, and off we went!! This recipe zest-fully brings the celebration of flavours in our taste buds.

And then also some tandoori style marination. Turned out so tender and yummy! Luckily I had made some brown gravy for meatballs the same day, and it was so useful to sauce-up the grills! More on that sauce next time, I promise!

Since our BBQ set is not that huge to support our demand, we used the soup bowl to grill the vegetables and subsequently the chicken too. The best part is I got the orange slices from the marination, and grilled them together with the vegetables, it was so well caramelised, its hard to even explain the taste!

While us parents were busy sizzling meat away, the kids were practicing their Ninja skills.

The next day, on new year's day we were not cooking, instead, we were out dining. Hubby had repeatedly mentioned Beer Factory at Setia Walk before, and so it was like, why not, indulge?!

Once there, we got an awesome surprise. There was a new year promo, 50% off everything, it is definitely going to be a good good New Year 2016!

Who can resist this piece of knuckle with buttery melting away mashed potatoes?!

Definitely not us!

The best part about Setia Walk is while us parents eat, chill and be merry, the kids can play and walk about.

From dawn.

Till dusk.

True Story.

Happy New Year people!

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