Monday, January 4, 2016

The Brown Gravy Recipe

I saw this recipe for meatball gravy on Facebook, touted to be the closest tasting as Ikea's meatball and gravy. Although I have never tried their meatballs, I was excited about the gravy recipe. I've had several brown sauce or gravy in restaurants, but can never make it the same at home.

I made the meatballs as per my usual recipe. This time however, I replaced the oats with breadcrumbs, and I was pleasantly surprised. Usually the meatballs made with oats are rather dry, and this time using breadcrumbs it was more moist and that a nice finishing after the pan frying. I love to use a lot of coriander and spring onion in my meatballs, and you can see, they remain green even after pan frying. 

You can serve these meatballs with passata sauce with pasta, make a creamy gravy or even in curry.

This is the original recipe for the meatballs and gravy.

And here is my version for the gravy, slightly tweaked as I used my homemade chicken stock with bits of chicken in it. I also did not blend the sauce as I like the chunky textures of onion and mushroom, it gives it some character, I feel. 

I had kinda forgotten to sautee my onion and mushroom before making the roux so I had to sautee the roux a bit, surprisingly it turned out super-awesome that way!

You need:
2tbsp butter
2tbsp all purpose flour
onion - chopped
shitake mushroom - sliced
1 cup chicken stock
1/2 cup milk
2 tbsp sweet soy sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce

1) Heat the butter in a pan. Once melted add the flour, and stir to make the roux.
2) Add the onion and mushroom, and give it a nice sautee, stirring well for 5 mins.
3) Once it has browned well, add in the chicken stock and bring it to a simmer.
4) Add the seasonings, milk and salt/pepper.
5) Keep stirring for 10 minutes till it becomes thick and voila!

Super duper yummy sauce. You can even have it with roast meat! Happy eating!

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