Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Holi Aaye Hai!

I just realised its been 2 months since I posted anything... freaking 2 long months?! To cut the void, I am going to post 2 Holi greetings that my daddy dearest created for Holi last week, and it does not get cuter than this!

Oh yes, my dad is a proud NanaG to 3 cheeky boys!

In the meantime, the boys have been doing a good job collecting this transformers figurines. Sure it gets tedious to make sure every small parts are accounted for, but the satisfaction of seeing them learn to transform the robots, is just priceless. 

Recently we were in Vung Tau, Vietnam, and they had the most lovely ensemble of marigold flowers of every types, so full and round like yummy laddus!

I might just share more pictures from our trip... Lets keep this blog going! Then the next time, cheers!

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