Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wajik (Sweet Sticky Rice) Recipe

Sticky rice, or better known as 'pulut rice' is a Malaysian favourite. They make it sweet or savory. With brown sugar, palm sugar, turmeric or with soy sauce. You eat it white, blue, yellow or brown in color. No matter what color, what flavour, sticky rice is always a treat to your tongue.

My earliest introduction to wajik was by someone very close to my heart. It was our very very lovely and helpful neighbour who is a large part of my childhood (in fact, for all of us siblings). And top of kindness, she was the best cook I've known.  She could cook everything Malaysian, and Indian at that. Her wajik was just awesome and has fond memories for me. May God bless her soul, I know she must be looking down to us and being our guardian angel.

Recently when hubby had his business trip to the land of abundant rice, I got him to buy some pulut rice and this was my encouragement to start making and eating my own wajik!

Luckily for me, one of my friend had spammed my FB wall with this wajik recipe, which I longed to try. The thing with my schedule lately, experimenting inthe kitchen is something I don't have luxury of. But this time, I had to fork some time and effort out to savour mine and hubby's tummy!

Here goes:

You need:
500g pulut (soaked 3 hours or overnight)
300g palm sugar or brown sugar
500ml coconut milk
2tbsp sugar
some pandan leaves
some salt

In a sauce pan, bring all the ingredients (except pulut) to a boil. Strain it and remove the leaves. Mix with the washed and strained pulut. Steam for 30 to 40 minutes.

As I was such a noob, I soaked my pulut rice for 2 hours only, and it took longer to cook. In the future, I would prefer to soak it overnight. I did not have palm sugar, so I used brown sugar, and it worked great. The downside is that it does not have the deep brown color as you get with palm sugar. Next in the to-do list is to make out of palm sugar!


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