Sunday, September 25, 2016

Birthdays And Memories

NanaG just celebrated his birthday with Daksh, accompanied by minion-grandkids!

With that many assistants, we could have lighted all of NanaG's birthday candles, they could blow it together, without NanaG losing breath.

I had to post this here, the boys in their new clothes for another night of entertainment at Club Med!

Our short vacations in the colder lands - cineplexes! #KabaliDaa

Mummy was feeling generous and she got them the rug with roads and such. It was a hit, they finally had a spot to arrange all their hot wheel toys, and then Jeev started bringing in his animals, saying, the people love animals so they'd like to have some. Needless to say, the duo fought soon after because the animal were crowding the streets.

National Day celebration, duo-cultural boys!

He said 'Amma look, I am a walking and talking house'

Engaging in water paiting with cousin Daksh.

Brotherly play, before the fight breaks out. 

The boys during their religious attempts, doing the haavan with the rest.

Who could resist a horse ride? Only Jeev, he was practically begging us not to put him on the horse, despite being the animal lover.

Last but not least, this boy has come a long way, from being toothless, to growing his first teeth, and now, its time to extract the teeth to make way for the new ones. And next year he will be donning the primary school uniform. 

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