Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jeev And The Club 2016

Yes, both Sanju and Jeev love to go clubbing. They have loads of fun playing, eating, swimming, and more playing and lots of freeflow drinking at the club. It this the Club Med Cherating. Not just them, but us parents too, have loads of fun playing, eating, swimming and freeflow drinking. I think you get the gist by now.

Its two months now, we were at the Club Med Cherating (yet again!) celebrating this year's achievements, and Jeev's 5th birthday, in which, this time, he promised he will be join the Mini Club activities and come back with many many fun things done and learnt. Our last trip there was exactly a year ago.

Kids had tonnes of activities lined up at Mini Club, which also included a talent show, where they joined the other kids to perform for us parents. Other than that, it was lots of singing, dancing, playing in the sand and the pool. Complete memories and experience for them.

Someone made sand Ninja Turtle for the kids while we soaked in the beach water, jellyfish sighting, and staying far enough not to be stung.

While the kids were with friends at the Mini Club, we parents, just did absolutely nothing, soaking in the Zen infinity pool. Ah, bliss!

Also eating.

And drinking.

And Selfie-ing, which we do very very rarely.

The ultimate finale was surprising Jeev with his cake! But I think he kinda expected it after all the holiday hoo-haa. You know how it is.

The best part about Club Med is they have endless activities, or you just chill doing nothing, but eating and drinking. And at night, you dress up and join the night entertainment that keeps the whole family happy!

Needless to say, we all got back tanned from the holiday, rejuvenated, and already planning for the next Club Med getaway!

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