Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Girls have more fun

Whoever said that, is definitely right. Even as adults, we have so many choices of accessories and attires for girls/ladies. There is so much that the whole retail business perhaps depends only on females. Whenever I am at the mall around the kid's section, I get attracted to those pretty like dresses and girly outfits. When I was expecting Sanju, before knowing the gender, my sisters and I used to walk through the aisles of these pretty little things, making mental notes of what to buy if it were a girl. The list is still waiting to be cashed.

The kids' and baby fashion these days is no small business, they are definitely up to the latest trends and can cost more than adult clothings. It is amazing how manufacturers can create something so chic in a tiny human being version, for as young as newborns!

And then there are those nice hats, scarfs and head bands. Even the shoes and socks for baby girls are so pretty that calls out to you, to touch, to hold and to buy! It would be a different case if I had a girl. These pretty items would call out to me, and would end up in my hands, and later in my house.

For now, the fashion selection for my kiddo is very much the tshirts, sleeveless or the other, bermudas, rompers (which he is growing out already), and the occasional leggings. Even the leggings become difficult item to get as most of the prints are made for girls. When I am bored, I usually surf the children's clothing for some nice refreshing therapy for my eyes, wondering what I would do if I could. Even those e-stores on Facebook are constantly sharing their new arrivals of (no prize for guessing) girl clothes. Why the discrimination over the boys? Pity my boy, pity me!

In a way it is perhaps a good thing that I don't end up spending a huge amount on clothes for my toddler, but I make up the fashion trends loss by stocking up on cloth diapers. At least I can't go wrong there, ok maybe I can if i get something too pinky, but most others are ok.

Come to think of it, the expenditure for boys would be on a different note altogether, with the obsession on sports and games. I can imagine having my kid ask for a XBOX v5 in the near 5 years, or perhaps the PSP genX. Worst still, he might be aiming for iPhone 10 that probably comes with the latest virtual game applications. Till then, I think I better save some moolah!

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Cas said...

Haha you're spot on about baby fashion, esp for girls. I love surfing ebay for it. But there are some nice clothes for baby boys too. You're right, in a few years to come Sanju will be insisting on his PSP and gadgets, which are more expensive than girly dresses :)

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