Monday, January 23, 2012

And He Turns Two

My baby Sanju, whose pregnancy news came to us in July, and born in 3rd week of January 2010, 3 weeks before his due date, turned 2 years old just few days back. It was the perfect time to celebrate his 2nd birthday with Jeev's overdue 30 day prayers during the Chinese New Year holidays.

It was a nice small gathering with close relatives to pray and celebrate for the 2 little ones, a rare chance as Sanju's birthday fell right on a festive weekend.

Here is Sanju down in his diapers enjoying his after-party with loads of balloons. It is amazing how something as simple as a little balloon can keep him occupied for hours. His other toys do not capture his attention for long.

The 2 year old also sips well on the wine glass, even calls for a toast with his aunties and grandparents.

NOTE: The drink in the wine glass is homemade yogurt lassi, the boy believes in good nutrition.


Darren said...

short yet nice to read.. nice flow.. erm..
overdue 30 days prayers eh?? just a little late i guess..hehehe.. ;P
i thought shanjay drinking milk..yoghurt lassi.. hmm nyam nyam.. slurp.. :D

QarezmaV said...

he loves yogurt, if we drink together with him. I sent mms to his dad, and he asked 'toddy is it?'

Cas said...

Happy Birthday Sanju! What did mommie and daddy get you?

QarezmaV said...

Sanju's parents got him the most precious gift (and age-old excuse for no real gift), providing and working for him for his future :P

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