Monday, January 23, 2012


Looking out for Bak Kut Teh on a the first day of Chinese New Year is truly a mission impossible. It all started out when my hungry half and I stole 2 hours from our lives (with the kids carefully tucked away with my parents) for a short date as a couple.

With most of the shops closed on CNY, we went for the yogurt parlour nearby, and ate frozen yogurt at unimaginable cost (this is where my mom, and even me, would say 'I can make yogurt at home for nothing'). We were like kids at the candy store, spoilt for choice and a bit blur blur with their self service method... I was like 'kids these days have such fancy ice cream shops'.

As we were done and driving back, it started raining heavily, and my hungry-for-non-vegetarian -food half spoke about this BKT shop my uncle recommended, which is just on the other street. In my mind I was praying for the 'almost impossible' BKT on the rainy CNY. We just decided to drive over and see if the shop is open, just in case.

We both nearly fainted when we saw the shop open, and fully operating! No questions asked, we walked inside and ordered the regular and dry BKT.

The regular BKT had a slight flavour missing from the soup, but the meat was just too good. Although we don't like meat with bones, this one was extra special because the meat was so tender and slipped of easily from the rib bones. As for the dry BKT, this is the best it can get! Lots of garlic and okra together with the meat. Our important condiment of chopped garlic was also there, and they even had fried garlic. Needless to say, we had extremely terrible breath the rest of the day, its good that we are in a very much advanced stage of our relationship. Extra points for the happy looking owner Auntie wearing her red CNY dress. The cost of the meal had a huge surcharge due to the festive season, no wonder such happiness oozing out of her.

We were totally pleased with our CNY BKT rendezvous, especially since we are this BKT snobs from Klang. I am very sure hubby will look forward to more trips to JB just for this. If you are interested, this is Restoran Phang Yew BKT at Jln Permas 9/2, Permas Jaya JB. The best in town for sure! It was indeed our lucky moment, now I feel that I should have wished for more than just BKT!

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Darren said...

yummy.. have to find spouse from johor to get there always.. hehehe... "hey johor 'mapillai', cme get me... "

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