Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Broken Disc

It all started when me, the (desperate) housewife aka SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) wanted to watch Ra.One on Astro First. Sanju got hooked after the first viewing. He watched Ra.One and nothing else for the 48 hours, and after that started using the dance gesture of 'chammak challo' to ask for more.

My generous half bought the DVD of the Hindi version, and he watched again and again till a point I got so angry and hid it. But the mother in me packed it with our luggage when we were going to in law and my parents house for the holidays. With Sanju persistently asking for it, I decided to bring it out for just a limited time. To my horror I found the CD broken into half in my travelling bag!

I was so upset for the next few hours. True enough I was to hide it from him for once and all, but yet I felt bad he could not watch it as he wanted. So we decided to buy another CD, this time only Tamil version was available. It worked for Sanju, he watched again.

Once back at my parents place I got my brother to download a clearer version for him to see on the big screen again. And he does. Again and again.

So much that my dad got inspired to write this on the fridge.

So much that my dad got inspired to write this on the fridge.

Sanju is also an ardent babywearer, he wears his bear, Podolski this way, using my Jumpsac Ringsling.


Darren said...

hahaha.. i was waiting for new update from this blog..finally something interesting that carved a smile on my face... g-one?? i want to be CHITI...

QarezmaV said...

Baby Jeev is aka

Darren said...

put a dot after the 'G'.. it sounds like 'gone' when read it quickly.. right?? sorry if i'm wrong..

QarezmaV said...

Yea i also received the same comment.. hehe there is a lil space between G and One

Cas said...

He's growing up to be a handsome lil boy!

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