Sunday, February 12, 2012

Solids for Jeev

It feels like several hours ago Jeev was born, and I was having separation anxiety with Sanju and now Jeev is a 6 month old ready to taste his first solid food! I gotta admit that I did pray time passed slower so that I could delay solid preparation and all those works for the baby.

His solid feeding progress is divided into 2 parts because in between he was down with running nose and mild fever thanks to his brother. Yes, these boys share everything, from their toys and rocker to their illness.

For the first feedings, I followed my guidelines from my earlier experience. The menu for first feeding is Holle rice cereal.

Part 1:
Day 1 - Got mom and my little sister to assist me in getting Jeev to sit supported. Once I fed the first spoon, Jeev made a weird face, but came forward for the second spoon, even grabbed my hand to eat. However he was not good in swallowing due to his thrust reflex.

Day 2 - Jeev made weird face again, and this time gagged a little when swallowing, especially when I fed him plain water.

Part 2:
Day 1 - Jeev made a super cute weird face after every spoon. Halfway through it Jeev toppled his bowl over. I saw Sanju looking interested in the yummy-looking-white-gooey stuff. I decided to let him taste one spoon, and guess what, he did not come back for more!

Day 2 - Jeev cried after I fed the first spoon. My spirits just dampened thinking this boy is not enjoying his solids experience so far. I just tried my luck again and fed the second spoon when he stopped crying and started eating. I got the message, Jeev was like 'don't stop feeding'!

Day 3 - Good progress, at times Jeev gets so excited that he tries talking with his mouth full.

Day 4 - Good going and this got me all geared up to add variety for his menu.

At this point Jeev is progressing well in taking fruits and vegetables with cereal. I just can't wait to start on the other varieties of baby food on him. I try to feed Jeev the same time Sanju is semi-self feeding. It gets both excited with their respective meals. And oh, I really forgot how messy can feeding an infant get... need to get the wet wipes ready everytime we eat.


Neo said...

Hello Qarezma..i was lead to your blog from LYN after i left some msg on your PM inbox. Im so happy to see your 2 healthy babies. The reason i msg you is because my wife also found recently she has O- blood and baby is going to due 17 May soon (our 1st baby). So wanted to get some advise and experience from you as you are the only person with this blood i found so far. My wife took the Rhogam injection last monday at about 27 weeks. Now my question will be during your delivery, do the hospital prepare backup blood for you incase u need it? My worries come about because this blood is so rare and some hospital might not have hospital is Assunta in your kind advise..

QarezmaV said...

Hi Neo, replied your pm.

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