Monday, October 18, 2010

When to start baby on solids

Once Sanju was nearing 4 months, I had a lot suggestions from people to start solids for him. Being the excited & eager new mommy, I was ready in picking up gears to start solids for him. Even the little one was showing keen interest in savouring his first bite - by watching us while we eat, and pretending to move his mouth as we chew. As I consult the pediatrician and a few other experienced mothers, I was advised to wait till 6 months to avoid allergies and allow full development of baby's digestion system.

And now, 3 months down the line, I am glad that I waited him to turn 6 months before giving solids. He's been enjoying his solids pretty well, and it is an achievement seeing him agree with his diet of nutritious (read boring & bland) baby food.

Which then, made me think back, apart from showing interest in food, there are other more important signs to know that baby is ready for solids. The ability hold head up and sit up unsupported or at least supported, is rather important. Like us adults, it is important they are at least in a sitting position while eating, to avoid choking, and also have a comfortable movement of the solids into the stomach. We should also wait for the baby's tongue-thrust reflex to diminish, sometime around 4 months of age, to give way for the solids to be consumed.

More signs that your baby is ready for solids here.

Introducing solids too early on your baby might cause him/her to develop allergies to vegetables and other foods that are important to their diet in the future. Not very pleasant, neither is the heartache seeing the little one having a hard time savouring their baby bites. If in doubt, always consult your pediatrician.

Basic guidelines I followed when introducing solids at 6 months:
  1. First meal time must be around 11am-1pm - in case there is any allergy or other problems, there is time to seek medication attention
  2. Rice cereal as first solid - I bought Heinz for the fortified iron and no sugar contents
  3. First feeding 1tbsp, runny consistency. Prepare it less running in the next subsequent days, with increase of 1tbsp on the 3rd day.
  4. Every new food to be introduced for 4 consecutive days, to monitor for any allergies, and get baby used to the taste/texture
  5. Only 1 new food to be introduced at one time
  6. After 1 weeks of rice cereals & oats, introduce vegetables & fruits one by one. Refer to #4 & #5.

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