Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paratha and Chickpeas with Spinach

I grew up eating capati and parathas daily with almost vegetarian meals daily. Unlike our local roti prata fusion flat bread, the original north indian varieties of flat bread are much more healthy for the family. The wholemeal atta flour is used, which means there is whole lot of wheat goodness in it. And these capati or parathas can be filled with stuffing of your choice, the possibilities are just endless!

The process of kneading and rolling out the flat breads can require a lot of labour and practice. Which is why I had procrastinated (rather lazy) of making it for a while now. Plus having an infant that required 120% of my time did not give me much opportunity to work on it.

After what feels like ages of ages, I finally got to work on my rusty capati making skills. I am not a fan of the kneading part, but somehow I survived. This give me some encouragement to make more, hopefully!

So here is, Paratha and Chickpeas with Spinach, served with some raw onions, yes raw!

The recipe for the Chickpeas is something I got from this site here. You can get chickpeas in the dry section of the supermarket. It needs to be cooked in the pressure cooker for 20-30 mins till it is soft. Drain out the water and save it to add into the dish later for gravy. You can also save the balance as vegetable stock, because it is filled with lots of nutrients. I also used onions and garlic in the sautee.

The recipe for the paratha is here. Mine is the square type, instead of the triangle as in the link. The aim is to get flaky layered parathas, whichever shape that works is fine.

Apart from getting all down to my Indian roots, I also did explore some unknown Italian connection. Make some baked pasta with the leftover cumin cauliflower I had.

With the success of this paratha making, I'm all charged up to make different varieties. Whether I succeed or not, you will surely know from my blog updates **crossing fingers and toes and hope for success**.


Manu Shubahshini said...

babe... ive tried making chapati many times n it always turns out like a plank of wood! it looks fine on t hotplate n once i take it out it bcms so hard i cant even tear it :( tis recipe u use bulat bulat ah?

QarezmaV said...

Oh you reminded me, I did not put in any salt into the dough. The kneading is the whole key, once u get a good firm dough then you can get pretty much good capati. My advantage is I have been doing this since i was a teenage, it took that much of practice to be able to make edible ones now.

The capati might have turned out hard because of uneven heat on the pan, or even your pan isnt hot enough. You need to make sure the pan is hot before u put on the capati or else it will either stick or become hard.

Ai Lian Lim said...

Many years ago, I bought the flat pan with the intention to make capati. I never did it though. I use the pan to make pancakes instead :) Maybe one day I'll try to do this.

QarezmaV said...

Do try it, its not that difficult, and very healthy for the family as well

Cas said...

Looks so yummy la Q. Been telling myself to make chapati for the longest time coz Sairah loves it. Guess I gotta start on it, will use your recipe! Chickpeas are best with paratha!

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