Friday, September 28, 2012

Chicago Rib House

Oh yeah, I caught the online deal bug and started buying vouchers. The most impromptu and fast and exciting voucher purchase has got to be the Chicago Rib House meal sets. I did happen to see it earlier, but it did not dawn to me to purchase it, because I thought to myself, maybe its just another one of those normal diners.

Then one night when I was busy surfing the net while the kids were in slumberland, on the last few hours of the deal, I saw it again. And this time noticed more than 5000 vouchers have been sold. Then I struck me, something must be good. Then I checked out the website, and saw the menu. Seeing the yummylicious ribs, I was sold immediately. I whatsapp the sleeping hubby, who later replied, 'lets go tomorrow', and mind you, it is not a normal short trip. It is from one side of the Klang Valley to another, that too with 2 little kids. That itself increases the journey distance by ten folds. You know what I mean.

It was a weekday afternoon, and 1Utama was nice and clear of crowds. This is why I love going out shopping, dining, whatever-ing on weekdays. It feels like the whole world is working away while we are free and about enjoying the peaceful malls. Plus this chance does not come often, so it is very much treasured opportunity.

The entrance of the restaurant looks rather small and we begin to doubt the food as well. But once we went inside we were relieved and were like 'bring em on!'. So we had 2 sets of ribs from the vouchers, and to complete our dunch (or linner, lunch+dinner, if you must), we ordered a pork burger, because we are big eaters like that.

The verdict? Excellent ribs, they slip off the bones like velvet... so luxe, no? The side dishes very disappointing, not as good as our favourite American diner. The burger was just too juicy, thanks to the caramelised onions dripping with sauce and not to mention the burger and bacon. It just completed the deal! We did not skip desert, and sadly it was quite disappointing too. But we would definitely go back, and eat nothing but ribs and more ribs.

And yeah, kids eat free for each main dish, so here we have Sanju playing lipstick with the tartar sauce that came with the fish and chips.

Other than that, the kids also enjoyed the not-so-good fries.

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