Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Dating Parents

It has been quite a challenge in starting to write this blog. Simply because we do not date anymore. After the arrival of the kids that is. Most of the times we are out with the whole gang of kids, creating an almost world war 3 upon entering the restaurant. Handling fussy kids. Feeding hungry and curious kids. And then leave the spot with a mess of a thousand evidences of extra terrestrial activities.

This is the story about the dating parents, who go to Bier Haus in Johor Jaya JB, for some romantic time away with nice drinks and awesome (drumrolls) pork knuckles! In fact we have made several trips there during our holiday in JB but usually I get a writer's bloc and really can't start anywhere.

Getting straight to the point, the menu for us is pretty much decided. The pork knuckle platter with some side dishes of sauerkraut and mashed potatoes it is! Usually the waiter tells us it might be too large portion, but we tell them, bring it on!

To complement the gluttony meal, we had a bottle of wine for the romantic factor, remember we are on a date.

We spend the nice quiet evening reminiscing the past, talking about present, and planning the future. Many references and discussions often brought us back to thinking and talking about the kids. In fact it felt like we were the ones missing the kids more than they missed us. Talk about clingy parents.

A part of me was expecting SOS call on Jeev looking for me, but no news was good news. And good news was good express dating session. The little one has grown up independent and slowly less clingy now *wiping tears*, we are so proud of him!

Here is the picture of the perfect couple, just like hubby and I. And no, I won't be sharing our couple picture. Just because.

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Darren said...

sounds like a great date...wish u 4 mre... :)

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