Thursday, May 16, 2013

While They Are Sleeping...

We mummies are perhaps the most productive when the kids sleep. When Sanju was an infant, I was told to sleep while he sleeps. Somehow it was not possible because I am always frantically running around to complete my chores while he dozes off for a short while. Being in confinement is totally different because you have others around you helping, yet I would not be able to sleep for some reasons.

And if you are indeed a parent you would know by now that the saying 'sleeping like a baby' is the biggest hoax. Babies don't sleep that much to make it sound so long and peaceful. And some, even if they do sleep, they wake up after 10-15 minutes fussing and finally settle down only to repeat it after 10 minutes. I had this for one year with Jeev, who was an avid fan of nursing to sleep.

Now that both my babies are well into their toddlerhood, the picture of their sleep is slightly different. They nap on schedule, provided we are at our house with no guests. If we have our families over, I think they can go without sleep for days, if we don't force them to sleep! Although the challenge that it was, I managed to train both the fellas to nap simultaneously, which is the best gift that I could ever present myself with. Some 1-2 hours of peace and just ME. If I am lucky I get 2.5 hours!

As the kids are older I no longer rush to do my chores when they sleep. The most I do is defrost the meal, and prep the vegetables. Other cooking and washing can be done while they are awake since now that they can play on their own. They would either be busy with their toys or busy helping me mess the kitchen while I cook and clean.

While they sleep, I refuse to nap. If I nap, I lose my ME time. So matter how tired I am from the day before, or the morning, or my whole motherhood life, I refuse to close my eyes to sleep.

While they sleep, I refuse to pick up their toys. I don't mind if I have to share the couch with Ironman and his Avenger assemble. I sometimes even sit on the couch with the mega blocks as my cushion. If I pick after them, they would not learn to keep their toys by themselves. Plus it is fun to see what levels of voice intonation gets them picking up their own toys, ranging from 'Calm', 'Not-so-calm', to 'Do IT NOW'. It is a homeschooling activity on its own, if you know what I mean.

While they are sleeping, I get to catch up with myself. I take a slow sip into my cup of hot ginger tea. Sometimes dunking my favourite weetameal biscuits into it. While I watch my favourite cooking shows on the Food Network. At minimal volume, with the subtitles on. I don't mind, because the food looks just as yummy and tempting to cook.

While they sleep, is also when I get to recollect my thoughts and listen to my mind. Sit down for once, with no one calling me to carry or play. Sit by my old laptop and write my blog, with no one trying to pick my alphabets out. I can also finally sit with my Ipad with no one trying to pull it away from me. I can facebook as much as I want, and I get to tell facebook what's on my mind.

While they sleep, I get to do the little grooming for myself. I get my eyebrows done, my upper lip facial hair plucked. I also get to do my own mini pedicure session, and finally end with nice coloured toenails. Which Sanju always notices later and comments 'toes nice!'

A picture can say a thousand words, but these pictures can only say 4 words, 'Sleeping like a baby'!

While they sleep is when the house is on a pin-drop silence. And the world stops. Nothing needs to be cleaned, to be wiped, or washed, or bathed, or pacified, or even a slight undivided attention. Suddenly it seems weird having no voices around me 'ma' this, 'ma' that... I have to admit, during my occasional chances of their long napping I end up missing them, slightly. And I sit by the bed, occupying myself with internet surfing, waiting for their first voice or reaction of getting up.

It has been 1.5 hours of my ME time granted by the kids. Right now I still cannot decide how do I use the rest of the freedom. Eyebrows, check! Ginger tea, check! Blog, check! FB, check! I either watch something on tv or wait by the bed for them. Oh yes, I am a clingy mother.

Wishing a happy mother's day to all mummies!


BLuRpL3 said... nice. happy mother's day to u too! :)

Shantini said...

Aiyoo the photos of both your boys sleeping together are soo priceless! Hope you had a great mama's day!

QarezmaV said...

Shan, thanks dear, I have a whole collection of them in their slumber modes!

BLuRpL3 - Thanks!

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