Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Comfort Food

Food has never looked so good until Food Network came along. HD is how food on TV is meant to be. Without HD, food on TV is just ordinary food. With HD, you get the real feel, anticipate the taste and get familiar with the phrase 'Comfort Food'.

Definition of 'comfort food' according to the site
food that is satisfying because it is prepared in a simple or traditional way and reminds you of home, family, or friends

In a nutshell, it is comfort of divine proportions, yummy to the infinity. All this accompanied by great memories.

We the family of happy eaters have several (or rather a large number) of comfort food.

The Boss of the family, loves to have his sinful platter of sausages, bacon and eggs for late night supper during our little session on weekend nights. After the kids are asleep, we sort of get to enjoy our freedom, and we celebrate it with calorie load of food and drinks.

And of course the Boss loves anything bacon. Be it buns, quiche or meatloaf.

 As for myself I have such a sweet tooth. My comfort food has got to be bread pudding.

Red velvet cake, which I cannot believe I could ever bake myself.

 The good old payasam, even the kids loved it till one point I think I made it so often they got bored.

The yummy cinnamon rolls that tempt me to make it every time I even think about it.

And from my childhood and mummy's homecook memories, aloo parathas with chutney, yogurt and side vegetables. And some fresh chopped onion.

Our top most favourite comfort food has got to be bak kut teh from our favourite shop in Pandamaran. There is something familiar and homely feeling of the restaurant ambience and owners. Not to mention the bottomless condiments of raw garlic and fried shallots. Need I say more?

And the top favourite dessert, is no other than 'The Chocolate Thing' from Bubba Gump. You just feel dizzy, rather 'high' after sharing one. You cannot have one on its own, cos its simply too rich  and meant to be shared.

Cheers to that while I formulate which comfort to savour next!

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