Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Rescue Team

I admit I have not been blogging regularly now. Being a SAHM is not easy with two (adorable) monkeys that thrive on outdoing each other every moment. On top of that life has been routinely dynamic, if that is even possible. The moment it gets routine, things get shaken and we get busy. While adjusting to everything around us, I hardly got the time to get my blogging juices flow, if you know what I mean.

This one incident I have been excited to blog about happened about two weeks ago while we were visiting uncle's family at their apartment. The kids got excited with the Supermen (yes, plural) and Ironman they received from their lovely aunties that they started experimenting with the gravity. 

Gravity as a playmate is nothing new for the boys. However, this time being at an apartment window, gravity playtime has a new meaning at a greater height!

Jeev did not have enough of playing with the Ironman action figure that he demanded to watch Ironman 3 on the Youtube. As usual, hubby's Iphone was put to sacrifice for this noble cause, and this is when the gravity playtime started.

Somehow Jeev thought it would be funny to throw the Ironman out of the window, and thankfully it landed on the flat roofing right below our level. Hubby got into action by gathering ropes and whatnot to rescue the lonely Ironman. While all attention is there, Jeev decided to see how does the Iphone fare with gravity, and so he threw it out as well.

It was a Kodak moment (I say 'was' because we did not take any picture, out of excitement, rather shock) seeing the Ironman and Iphone lying down on the flat roof side by side, with Ironman 3 video playing on it. This is when the our uncle, the Policeman, got down into action.
Somewhat like MacGyver style, he got us to hand him some household items and he constructed the perfect rescue instrument, which rescued both Ironman and Iphone accurately. The ladies were still in shock but everyone was happy to see both I's rescued. Ironically, IronMAN was rescued by the PoliceMAN.
And this time I have a photo to show how the rescue efforts went on. After the success were celebrated with tea and ice cream, and by closing the windows. Any greater trajectory of the throw would have caused a lot of trouble of losing the phone, and Ironman!
Kids really do the darndest things. Especially when you sense silence during their playtime, you know something is awfully wrong! Silence is never golden, rather suspicious and temper rising.

When they should be playing in harmony, like good boys;

Instead, they think its the perfect day to mess the tiles with crayon.

God bless us with lots of patience, and rescue team members!

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